A baby rattle has to be one of the most iconic baby gifts of all time so we love looking for cool ones. We’ve found some amazing wooden rattles and soft rattles out there, but one of my favorites may be the brand new Mercer soft baby rattle from one of our favorite mom-run brands, Chewbeads.

It’s not plastic, but rather a 100% food-grade silicone with no BPA, phthalates, lead, or cadmium, just like their necklaces for moms and their awesome new Juniorbeads line. And since babies chew on everything, whether it’s a rattle that doubles as a teether or not, we’re happy. Because who wants a baby to put chemicals like that in his mouth? The rattle’s ring is soft on an infant’s sensitive gums and bends when you squish it, which babies will love. The solid plastic ball in the center rotates with a little bead inside that, well, rattles.

Chewbeads Mercer soft baby rattle in chartreuse | Cool Mom Picks

Chewbeads Mercer soft baby rattle in turquoise | Cool Mom Picks



As always, Chewbeads’s color combos and design are sophisticated and modern–not a teddy bear in sight.

The Mercer soft baby rattle is available in four vivid colors for $14.50 at Chewbeads website or in your local children’s boutique.