We’ve got a gaggle of snackers in our homes, so cool snack containers for kids are an absolute must. They’re a far more eco-friendly choice over plastic bags, which as we all know by now, not only saves waste but plenty of money over the long run.

Plus, we’ve found that packing our own snacks before we head out actually forces us to make healthier choices for the kids when we’re on the go. Let’s admit it–rest stops and c-stores can be filled with some less ideal temptations when you’re already starving.

We’ve rounded-up a few of our own favorite reusable snack containers that are perfect for hitting the road with the kids–and the healthy snack of your choice. Because as parents we have known for a good long time now, there are plenty of choices for super easy, no-fuss snacks, with protein, to last kids longer. We imagine a lot of busy families will be grateful that their jobs are made a little easier with extra nutrients in a food staple their kids already love.

So whatever you choose for snack time or quick kid meals on the go, we’re hoping these snack containers for kids will be a huge help.

Updated for 2023

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7 favorite reusable snack containers to replace plastic bags | cool mom picks
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Ubbi Tweet snack container for toddlersUbbi Tweet No-Spill Snack Containers for kids
If you’ve got little snackers, these are the perfect size for growing hands to get in there themselves, then snap it closed when done. Or so parents can hope. It’s super portable, has a handy spill guard, and hey, it’s cute.

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ZipTop reusable silicone animal snack containers are made in the USAZipTop Reusable Zip-Up Animal Snack Containers
These super popular, well rated, USA-made silicone snack cups are not only adorable, they’re practical — they stay up straight on a counter or table, and actually zip shut fairly easily. They’re also marked as safe for dishwashers, microwaves and freezers, though we always suggest hand-washing often, and saving the few runs through the washer for when things are really gunky.

Itzy Ritzy reusable snack backs for kids and toddlersItzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bags
We love zippable fabric snack bags like the ones at Itzy Ritzy, which you can pop right in a lunchbox or backpack, then wash the bags easily if they start to get grimy. They come in a whole range of sizes too, since not all snacks are created equal. In size.

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Cool snack containers for kids: Lunchbots | Cool Mom Picks
Lunchbots Reusable Snack Containers
We’ve been big fans of  Lunchbots since we first discovered them ages ago, and since then, they’ve added lots of new designs, shapes and sizes to make snacktime even more flexible for kids. In particular, we’re digging the round 4oz containers here that are completely leak-proof so that you can pack dry snacks, wet snacks, even actual to-go meals if you upgrade to a larger zie.

Lunchskin reusable snack and sandwich bagsLunchskins reusable snack bags
If you’ve yet to make the transition from plastic bags to reusable snack bags (you can do it!) Lunchskins are a terrific transition option. They have a sort of plastic-bag like feel, and close easily with velcro. And we love that the were invented by three smart moms and became so popular, you can even loads of modern designs in places from Amazon to Target to your favorite local kids’ boutique.


Boon snack cup gets smarter with their Snug Lid for safe snackingBoon Snack Cup with SNUG Silicone Lid
We’re longtime fans of Boon’s clean, modern, well-designed products, and this silicone lid is a great way to transition their classic cups to a snack container for double duty. It comes with both 2 lids and 2 cups in different colors.



3 sprouts makes adorable mini bentos for children's snacks and smaller meals3 Sprouts Mini Child’s Bento
If you like to travel Bento style, the small compartments from another longtime favorite small business, 3 Sprouts, are perfect for snacks. Great when kids are old enough to want a variety all at once — and maybe don’t want those carrot sticks and pretzel sticks touching. (Gasp!)