I feel like my entire social feed of fashionistas have been consumed with Acne Studio scarves as of late, with commenters wondering where to get them, why they’re so expensive, and then of course, where to get them for less. Or at least how to reasonably steal the look without spending a fortune.

As I was browsing for Acne Studio scarves and comparable brands and designs that you could grab for a lot less, a huge article came out about them today in the NY Times. So I guess I’m not the only one thinking about them well into February!

If you have questions about Acne Studio scarves too, I’ve got some answers! (Starting with: yes, it is definitely Acne Studio, not Acme Studio.) Plus I’ve found you some great budget alternatives because I know I’d be wearing mine right into April in NYC — and certainly into next winter.

About the original Acne Studio Scarf: Why is it so expensive?

Acne Studio Rainbow scarf: Why is it so expensive? And how to find one for less
Acne Studio Fringed Rainbow Scarves $320 at Net a Porter

The original Acne scarf hails from a Stockholm-based fashion house, but is Italian-made. It’s beautifully constructed, knitted with soft alpaca, and a blend of high-quality wool, nylon, and mohair. It’s ethically made, with a top rating from the Fair Wear Foundation for its manufacturing practices, and as we’ve explained on this site from day one, companies that are kind to the environment, pay fair wages, and provide decent working conditions will always charge more.

In fact the company is deeply committed to sustainability, and there’s something to be said for owning an item like this one that you can feel good about buying, and know it will last you ages.

Acne studios scarf: That tag is a good indicator it's real!

Acne Studios checked fuzzy scarf in fuchsia/lilac/pink $320, Shopbop

This size is ample, which is why it’s often called a blanket scarf. It’s 250 cm long by 28 cm wide — or about 98 x 11 inches — and that length includes 12cm for the fringe.  Also take a good look at the label and how it’s sewn on. It helps you steer clear of counterfeits, and there are lot of those out there.

Acne Studio Scarves for just a little less

Acne Studios Solid Scarf : A little less expensive than the popular rainbow check

Acne Studio Fringed Solid Scarves $300 at Net a Porter or at Nordstrom

If you want to spend a little less, well I’m not sure if $20 off will matter that much at this price range. If so, the solid-colored Acne Studio scarves are gorgeous and wearable; and likely to give you more fashion longevity than the more on-trend color combos and big buffalo checks. For $300, I’d like my scarves to last a whole lot of winters!


Acne Studios Skinny Scarf: An affordable alternative to the giant blanket-sized version

Acne Studio Narrow Scarf $210 at Ssense

You can also buy their narrower scarf — this 92″ wide Narrow Acne Studio Scarf is about 4.5″ wide — not quite super skinny, if you remember the Y2K skinny scarf trend — but definitely would need a few wraps to keep your neck toasty.

Just keep in mind, The Acne Studios scarf is not for everyone — or every look. Because of the mohair, it’s not ideal if you own a wool coat. Also, if you’ve got sensitive skin and mohair and wool are irritating, cottons or soft  merino wools are a better choice in a scarf.No use buying the chic scarf of the day if you’re not going to wear it right?

The Acne Studio Scarf: Affordable Dupes and Alternatives

So how can you find a similar style for less? I found a few options for you. Starting with some respectable brands making similar styles — for a lot less than Acne.

Coach's oversized fringed muzzler: Affordable alternative to Acne Studios, and now on sale!

Coach Plaid Oversized Muffler $135, Coach (40% off!)

If it’s the look you like, not necessarily the brand, here’s a stylish, appropriately fuzzy and fringed scarf from Coach. There are two colorways, each on sale for 40% off for the end of the season! Sweet.

Rainbow checked fringed wool scarf from the Scarf Village on Etsy. Top rated shop and fast shipping!

Rainbow Checked Fluffy Wool-Mixed Fringed Scarf $24.32 on sale (25% off) from The Scarf Village on Etsy

Etsy is always a go-to spot for affordable “inspired by” accessories., Shipping out of London, this best-selling, eye-poppingly beautiful rainbow-checked scarf comes from a 5-star Etsy seller. It’s made from wool and viscose, giving you an Acne Studios scarf look that might be kinder to sensitive skin (and wool coats). And fast shipping! Browse the shops for more colors including pretty pastels for spring.

Blanket style fringed check scarves on sale from Fall & Hope on Etsy: Acne Studios scarf style for less

Blanket style fringed solid scarves on sale from Fall & Hope on Etsy: Acne Studios scarf style for less

Fuzzy Fringed Acrylic Blanket Scarf in Solids or Checks $29.99 (25% off) from Fall & Hope on Etsy

This New York-based Etsy maker crafts her Acne Studios-inspired scarves out of acrylic, making them both soft and affordable. I loooove the neutral taupes, creams, black and grey, but the checks are lovely too.


Mohair fringed scarf on Etsy: Like Acne Studios only for a lot less

Mohair Plaid Rainbow Scarf $31.22 on sale (25% off for a limited time) from LlovePGifts on Etsy
Beautiful Solid Colors available for $41.67 on sale (20% off)

If you don’t mind far overseas shipping — as in, from Asia — this shop’s scarves get very nice ratings (“great quality for the price”) making this particular scarf a best-seller on Etsy.

Pre-Loved Acne Studio Scarves on sale: Or are they?

Acne Studios scarves for less: This one on poshmark is NWT and at a huge discount!

NWT Acne Studios Checked Scarf, $80 on Poshmark

Resale sites are of course a good source to save on fashionable accessories, and I like the eco-friendly nature of upcycling. I tracked down quite a few Acne Studios marked new with tags on Poshmark, each for around $80. Are they real? Maybe not. Do you care? Up to you. This one is beautiful too — but I admit I’m always wary of an inflated “original retail price.” It was never $1973. (Eyeroll.)

This $475 Acne Studio Blanket Scarf on eBay looks far more legit to me. In fact, on the actual Acne Studios site, even the most expensive wool-nylon-silk blend scarf blanket is $600. Fake retail prices don’t give me a whole lot of trust in the seller, buyer beware, and all that.  Or hey, just enjoy that beautiful $80 scarf you have your eye on and let it go.