While it’s still a little cold in my neck of the woods — because, April in New York — we’re getting a little spring fever around here and we’re determined to get outside more. Even if jackets are required. Next week, we’ve got plans to head to a local park to watch the eclipse on April 8 and I was poking around the web for some picnic stuff. That’s when I stumbled on these Stemless Mermaid Wine Tumblers at Kohl’s and wow — want!

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Gorgeous Find: acrylic stemless wine tumblers with mermaid scale pattern

The unbreakable, reusable gorgeous acrylic stemless tumblers come in a set of 4, one of each beautiful color. At this price, I’d probably get two sets so we have enough for entertaining. (Plus, then the kids won’t fight about who gets the purple one.

Since glass isn’t allowed in our local park or up on our building’s roof, they’ll be getting so much use. And of course, they’re not just for wine at all. In fact, they’re just right for a homemade smoothie for the kids, sipped through a fat reusable straw. That’s when we’ll know spring is really here.