We’ve always been fans of custom family portrait art, as a creative personalized gift that celebrates all the people you love. We’re huge fans of photo gifts of all kinds including , of course, photo books. But if you want to get a little more creative, these modern custom portraits are illustrated, painted, sewn, sketched, and designed by some of the most talented folks we’ve ever found on Etsy.

Let’s just say these custom portraits are modern and fresh — definitely not the pastel chaise-lounge portraits your grandmother might have hanging on her wall.

To help you shop for Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts this year, we’ve assembled many of the custom portrait artists we’ve loved over the years along, with a few new-to-us artists. This way you can pick your favorite in time to commission a custom portrait of your own family, the kids, the kids with the grandparents…hey, maybe you’ll need more than one, right?  They also make perfect graduation gifts for kids heading off to college.  – Kate, with Liz

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Modern Custom Family Portrait Art: 12 Artists We Adore

Custom illustrated family portraits from Henry James Paper Goods on Etsy | our all-time favorites!

Custom illustrated family portrait by Henry James Paper Goods

(Starting at $98, with 20% discount right now)

Kadie Foppiano creates a museum-quality print featuring incredibly detailed illustrations of your family, right down to the pattern of your kid’s favorite team t-shirt, or the rainbow-striped socks your daughter never takes off. She’ll even create a personal background, whether it’s a favorite color, your own home, or a beach setting from a treasured vacation memory.

Our editor Liz worked with her and was thrilled with the result, and the photo has become a treasured heirloom, preserving the kids at a very particular moment in time. Bonus: She’s great with pets and babies. Turnaround time: About 2-3 weeks, and ask about upgrades to larger sizes or canvas gallery wraps. 


Modern custom family portraits from Ink Lane Designs

Modern Custom family portrait with lots of people by Ink Lane Design - this extended family portrait, perfect for Mother's Day and Father's Day or Anniversary Gifts

Modern Custom Family Portrait of Extended Families by Ink Lane Design

(Starting at $75)

If you have a big crew, one of Ink Lane Design’s custom family portraits is a great way to show it off. This is a gift that’s sure to make Grandma and Grandpa tear it open then tear up. And because she offers printable digital copies of the artwork, everyone in the family can get their own copy to hang on their walls too. Lead time: 1 week, with rush option available


Retro-modern custom family portrait illustration style by Lemon & Cello

Retro-Modern Custom Family Portrait Art by Lemon & Cello

(Starts at $50/one character)

I am smitten with this new custom family portrait art we just discovered; Bruno brings just the right amount of camp, color, and classic mid-century illustration style to his joyful family portraits, and the pre-made art in his shop is pretty fantastic too. You’re paying for custom artwork and a digital download, but for a small fee, he can send you a high-quality art print in  your choice of sizes. Lead time: 4-7 days depending on how fast you are with approvals of proofs

Modern custom family portraits in a storybook style by Marina MareLloba

Custom storybook-style illustrated family portrait by Marina MareLloba

(starting at $75 for one person)

Barcelona artist Marina MareLloba can bring big imaginations to life with her storybook-style custom portraits. I’d ask my kids to imagine a scene they’d really like to be in. Reading a book to a dragon? Having a tea party with unicorns and fairies? Exploring Cinderella’s castle? Her digital illustration style can capture it beautifully, and you can print and frame it yourself. Lead time: About 10 days for a digital download.


Custom embroidered-family portrait art byPolykatoikia looks beautiful in a series hung together

Custom embroidered-family portrait art byPolykatoikia: Individually or the whole family each hung together

Custom embroidered family portrait series by Polykatoikia 

($70 and up)

This incredible textile artist from Athens, Greece turns your family photos into hand-embroidered hoop art and it is spectacular. She has an almost Edward Gorey-esque style to her original work, which we loved for its whimsy, but her newer work is a little more classically sweet. You can’t go wrong either way; this is the kind of custom portrait art that will get passed down for generations. Lead time: Ships 1-3 weeks after the proof is approved.


Custom hand-painted family portraits on peg dolls or peg doll ornaments | Goose Grease

Custom-painted peg doll families by Goose Grease

($265/2 and up, also as ornaments)

These hand-painted wooden peg dolls have been purchased as ornaments, as wedding cake toppers, as a gift to honor a new blended family– and as a creative custom family portrait art alternative, that you can preserve in a windowbox display. We’ve been recommending her stunning, detailed work for years and we’re happy to see she’s still around creating such special gifts.  Lead time: 5 weeks with rush orders available.

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Modern Custom Family Portraits by Lili DiPrima: In separate ovals or all together

Modern custom family portraits by Lili Di Prima

(starting at $45/person)

If you’re super picky about getting the details of your custom portrait just right, Italian artist Lili Di Prima will work with you to make sure your artwork is perfect. Some artists we’ve found — and chosen not to feature here — won’t even show you a proof before they finish your piece, but Lili is committed to getting it right, and her style is just so modern and beautiful. You can feature each family member separately or all together, and she happens to be fantastic with dogs and cats, should they be part of the family. Lead time: 2-4 weeks, but she’s negotiable and offers rush orders.

Custom family portrait illustrated in a charming modern style by Discovering You

Modern custom family portraits by Discovering You

($50/up for 3 people for digital copy only; original art available too.)

Sheridan Hayes creates charming, custom family portraits of all kinds, from the classic above to full-bleed digital art with more intricate backgrounds. She can even draw you in a favorite fandom costume (hey, Ren fair fams!), draw you in traditional cultural clothing, or place you in front of your own home. Lead time: 2-3 weeks, including original art and digital download


Custom family portraits from Blue Hour Studio look like Goth, Victorian, or Edwardian style paintings
Blue Hour Studio Custom Goth or Edwardian family portraits

($75 and up)

If your custom family portrait art style is more Gilded Age than Family Guy, you might like a custom family portrait by San Franciso artist Debra Styer. She specializes in Goth, Edwardian, and Victorian-inspired imagery. These are delightfully quirky — crinolines, velvet chokers, and full arm tattoos are all welcome. Check her site though and maybe you’ll find inspiration in another style she’s created. (Her artists, authors, and poets series are fantastic.)   Lead time: 3–4 weeks


Custom family cross-stitch art by top Etsy maker Xrestyk

Custom family embroidery cross-stitch art by Xrestyk

($105 and up with free shipping)

This top-rated Etsy shop out of Sweden brings so much detail to each carefully designed embroidery portrait — note the eye colors, clothing patterns, accessories, and other special details. She really does make it your own, and you have plenty of opportunity to approve a proof before she gets stitching. You can order yours just like the one above in an embroidery hoop, or have it shipped framed or unframed. Lead time: About 6 weeks


Super fast, affordable custom family portrait art from a photo at BuBu Portrait: Incredible gift for mom, dad, grandparents, or anniversaries

Affordable Custom Family Portrait from a Photo by BuBu Portrait

($9.90 and up, currently 50% off!)

For super fast turnaround at a terrific price, this Utah-based team will use digital art to transform a favorite family photo into a keepsake piece of art, with either very detailed or highly minimalist faces and features. What a fantastic affordable gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries or other special ocassions.  Lead time: 3-5 days


Custom family portrait in a modern line art style: Affordable digital downloads by Monica Gonzalez

Modern Custom Line Art Style Family Portrait by Monica Gonzalez

($30 and up, currently 15% off)

For a super minimalist line art style in custom family portrait art, Australia’s Monica Gonzalez does a lovely job with couples, kids, families and pets. Even the typography and splashes are appealing. You’ll get a digital download, ready for printing on archival paper, sending out as e-cards, or sending to every lucky grandparent.  Lead time: 10 days