I was thrilled to discover this set of four ornaments celebrating 2020 heroes: nurses, teachers, store clerks, and delivery people. The handprinted set comes from our friends at Brooklyn’s Goose Grease, and I think it’s the perfect holiday decoration for this year.

Yes, I realize that these essential workers have always played an important role in making the world (let alone our communities) go ’round, but this year I’ve developed a profound new appreciation for the woman who rings up my groceries with a smile, and the delivery guy who schleps packages to my door.

Seeing these ornaments makes me emotional about the sacrifices that they, and so many have made this year.

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Beautiful set of handmade 2020 essential worker heroes ornaments

I think it this set of ornaments would make a perfect gift for someone who is an essential worker themselves — especially if it’s paired with some baked goods and and a pampering gift, IMO.  Or, make it a gift for the people in your life who always remember who they’re caring for when they wear a mask to the store, or stay home instead of celebrating with relatives this holiday.

Belong to each other, y’all.

Find the 2020 hero ornament set at MOMA which not only supports a small business, but an arts institution that can use it this year too.