Month: April 2006

Let Someone Else Remember For You

You look at your calendar and realize you’ve forgotten your mother-in-law’s birthday. You jump online and send her a crappy e-card that she won’t be able to open anyway because she still uses dial-up. And even if she can get to it, it’s going to take her 2-hours to figure it out. Chances are, you’re never going to hear the end of it. Ever. Sound familiar? Well, don’t get stuck like that again. Join Red Stamp Cards for free and be fashionably on time with real live cards. Mom-trepreneurs Renee and Erin have designed a service that allows you...

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Leggo of your Lego

I hit the jackpot today. My couch cushion diving expedition uncovered $2.32, a pen, some cheerios, and way too many LEGOs. It’s general parenting knowledge that if you have a kid, you have LEGOs, and they are everywhere. So, instead of throwing them back in the bottomless bucket where they will inevitably find their way back into your couch or under your foot, why not donate them to the LEGO Builders of Tomorrow program? As part of an effort to support the rebuilding of Post-Katrina New Orleans, LEGO is asking children and parents to share their little plastic building...

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Attention Future Rock Stars

Handstitched and cool – two words that perk up our ears at Cool Mom Picks. So it’s not surprising at all that we’re enamoured of 60 Bugs, a website whose tagline is, appropriately, handstitched coolness. Designer Debbie Lee hand-embroiders bibs, pillowcases, and tees, but this isn’t your grandmother’s embroidery. She’s got a rock ‘n roll sensibility and leans towards designs like the drum kit or crybaby mixed tape shown here. She’ll even customize a line or two on the piece for you. It’s the perfect way to show your child that you are, and will always be, his number...

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Baby’s First Martini

The drinking age may be 21 but the way we see it, that gives your child plenty of time to get his James Bond impression down before he shows it off in public. My First Martini, the latest offering from the makers of My First Beer Garden, is the perfect size for your little bartender-in-training. This toddler- friendly kit comes complete with a stainless steel shaker, jigger, strainer, and two miniature lucite martini glasses. Fill your empty vermouth bottles with water, crack open the olives, and let your toddler get his first taste of sophistication. –Liz and Kristen Please...

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