Month: April 2006

Jesus Christ, Fashion Superstar

JesusjoggersWe’ve come to that time of year when all not-so-good Christians, including me, make their annual pilgrimage to the big house for cleansing and renewal. But just because I don’t go to church on a regular basis doesn’t mean I don’t think Jesus was someone we could all learn from.

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Blow Your Refund (or at least part of it)

We know you probably already have every single penny of your tax refund budgeted for the rest of the fiscal year. And being like-minded moms, we bet you most likely didn’t set aside any part of that on something for yourself. So today we’ve decided to give you a few "blow your tax refund" picks. Granted, we realize you won’t be buying a spa trip to Miraval anytime soon, but maybe you’ll break the budget and find a great splurge to help you make it until next year. ~ The Cool Mom Picks...

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All the Small Things

Being the big tall girl that I am, I tend to gravitate towards clunky heels and big bags. However, when it comes to men (height people, HEIGHT) and jewelry, I’m a sucker for small and fabulous. So, I’ve set aside a little bit of my surprisingly large tax refund for a couple beautiful handmade pieces at Small Things Designs. Teresa makes each and every piece by hand – no molds and no mass production here. Using a steady hand and a jeweler’s saw, she creates truly one-of-a-kind necklaces, rings, and earrings. I imagine you could spend half as much...

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Go Ahead, Put Your Refund Right Into Your Purse

… Or Diaper bag. Because most likely you keep your wallet where you keep your diapers. Remember when you rocked your it-bag Balenciaga? Your Louis Vuitton Speedy? Your whatever else was hot and hip prebaby? Remember when you actually followed fashion? HA! I know. You’re probably still carrying around that free Enfamil bag you brought home from the hospital, right? Come now, come now… everything’s going to be alright. It’s tax refund time! Why not blow your (cash) wad on something hot, stylish AND worthy of diapers and your Blackberry? Mia Bossi diaper bags are cuter than Coach, more...

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Mama Mags, Eat Your Heart Out

Tvbutton_11If you haven’t figured it out yet, we here at Cool Mom Picks like underground, lesser-known, but just as fabulous cool stuff. Nothing against the mainstream parenting paraphernalia, but there’s something about reading a plainly printed, hand folded zine that makes us giddy. It doesn’t hurt that they feature top-notch work from writers slash parents.

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Where the Heck is Wyoming?

Mappuzzle_1It seems I’ve got a little puzzle glutton on my hands. With a few handy 25-piecers, she reaps intellectual benefits and I get a good 20 minutes of quiet time. However, all that is null and void on car rides since, I’m pretty sure even a genius couldn’t put puzzles together in any type of moving vehicle.

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From Briefcase to Diaper Bag

As if the shock of having a newborn wasn’t enough, I think I might have had a harder time adjusting to the change in job from sassy professional gal to stay-at-home-mom. While I was surrounded by a gaggle of career mothers, few could share in my loss of what once was my very precious work.

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“Organized New Mom”: You Don’t Hear That One Too Often.

I am not living up to my obligations as a Virgo these days; I’m supposed to be organized, neat and fastidious. Instead I am, like any new mom, a disorganized train wreck. If for some crazy reason, someone official were to barge into my home and demand my daughter’s social security card I would hope they had a few hours to kill while I dug around for it. The perfect solution: the BabyBriefcase. While it sounds like an attach√© for future Wall Streeters, it’s simply a smart way to help keep new moms organized. As founder Tamar Shay points...

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