If you haven’t figured it out yet, we here at Cool Mom Picks like underground, lesser-known, but just as fabulous cool stuff. Nothing against the mainstream parenting paraphernalia, but there’s something about reading a plainly printed, hand folded zine that makes us giddy. It doesn’t hurt when they feature top-notch work from writers slash parents either.
That’s why we are so glad we found Miranda zine and Fertile Ground. Based out of Portland and Memphis, respectively, these homegrown magazines offer great reading for a little more than a pack of gum. Seriously.
Miranda, which contains mother-focused essays and commentary by writer Kate Haas, is published twice a year. Stacey Greenberg, an urban anthropologist of the mothering kind, founded Fertile Ground, a zine for people who dig parenting (and like to read really great stuff).
I was so engrossed by both that I spent an hour on the elliptical without even getting to my US Weekly. So now I have a slightly thinner butt, and my mom brain feels rejuvenated and alive. Go figure. –Kristen


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