Month: May 2007

Touch My Tummy. No, Really.

Now that I’m pregnant the second time around, I had forgotten about the insane, intrusive, totally bizarre need for strangers to accost you on the street and touch your stomach. On the other hand, I have no qualms about letting friends grab the belly. And if it’s in fact your shower, it’s practically required.

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Invitations from Simpler Times

We at CMP are sooooo over the over-the-top birthday parties for kids. While yes, we all want something that’s creative and different and memorable, maybe blinging out your kids’ invites with real diamonds and a voice chip that plays a birthday message recorded personally for you by Bono isn’t so appropriate for a second birthday.

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War (huh), What Is It Good For?

If you’re the type with Another Mother For Peace’s classic War is Not Healthy For Children and Other Living Things button on your blog, or decal on your tote bag, or bumper sticker on your hybrid…we’ve got just the materni-tee for you.

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No More Free Peep Shows

While I’m all for feeding my baby wherever I choose, I’m still getting back into the groove of breastfeeding — meaning, I’m a clumsy mess who can barely undo her nursing bra, let alone doing it discreetly in public.

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Tickled Pink & Sage

We’re pleased to announce that our Cool Mom Picks family has grown with the much awaited arrival of co-founder and editor Liz’s daughter Sage Alexandra, weighing in just under 8lbs.Considering Liz sounded better than I do after a full night’s sleep, we’rehappy tohear thatSage’s Taurean ways didn’t affect the actual labor and delivery. And so, if you’re wondering why we’re working a bit slower these days,we’ll both be attemptingto master the art of one hand typing.It’s a perfect opportunityfor one of you crafty moms to invent a product that provides more hours in the day and extra sleep. From...

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