Rockabye by Rebecca Woolf: A Shining (Yet Tatooed) Beacon in a Sea of Mom-oir Sameness

When former CMP contributor Rebecca Woolf left us to pursue other writing opportunities, we were terribly disappointed but hugely anxious to see what brilliance she was brewing up. The result: The must-read Rockabye: From Wild to Child

We knew it would be funny and insightful because everything this popular blogger, author, and now memorist writes simply is. What we didn’t expect was just how touching, beautifully uncomplicated, and accessible it is too.

The can’t-put-it-down memoir describes the author’s journey from twenty-something LA party girl to doting mom with poignancy, style and especially humor – let’s say this is not a woman who’s afraid to turn a pun. And we were amazed with the level of introspection for a twenty-something, as Rebecca takes on her surprise pregnancy, shotgun marriage, body issues, and mental struggle with a perceived loss of youth and sexuality.

(Speaking of which, this book is not church reading-group approved.) 

Even if you’ve never done a shot or tattooed your ankle, you’ll still relate to Rebecca’s struggles and triumphs. With both hearty giggles and copious tears, Rockabye will have you nodding your head and hugging your babies before you even get to the end.

Besides, you’ll just look cool walking around with the awesome cover sticking out of your diaper bag. Good job, Seal Press! -Kristen and Liz

Congrats to lucky winner Tealie R, who will receive an autographed copy of Rockabye!

Cool Mom Staff

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