Month: December 2009

Editors Best of 2009: The coolest baby clothes, kids’ clothes and shoes (boy we love those shoes)

By far our most popular categories are the clothing categories. Because whatever your style, wherever you live, we all have to get our kids dressed, right? Unless you’re the lucky sewing machine owner who can make your children’s own beautiful designs, these were some of the standouts to us in 2009. Kristen: The amazing baby clothing at Belle Heir (at top) gives me an outlet for my love for vintage clothing, particularly for special occasions, without having to spend hours scouring the racks at the local boutiques. Liz: I remain blown away by the innovative upcycled designs from Seven...

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Editors Best of 2009: The coolest art, decor, and kids furniture

We discover so much incredible, inspiring talent from artists and craftspeople every day, that this just may be one of the hardest categories to cull down. Just imagine that we’re choosing a few picks of the year and that we’ve got about a 355-way tie for second, right in our archives. Kristen: Since we first discovered Idea Paint, I’ve become a little obsessed figuring out how I can make it work in my home. I suppose since my kids already write on the walls, it would be nice to be able to easily wipe it all up with a...

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Editors Best of 2009: The coolest websites, services and stuff just for moms

Cool Mom Picks certainly isn’t all about shopping – it’s also about those wonderful websites and services that help make our lives easier, simpler, or just more fun. (And wow things have changed; it wasn’t too long ago that we were all nervous to enter our credit card numbers online.) With that, please enjoy some of our favorite sites and services of 2009 for the cool parents of the world. Liz: Huge props to Let’s Panic About Babies! which will make you toss every baby advice book you’ve ever received while clutching your belly in laughter. (And, possibly, in gas....

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Editors Best of 2009: The kids snacks, lunchboxes, cookbooks, and grownup food

The older our kids get, the more we’re focused on the what, why, when and how of feeding them. It’s been exciting discovering the growing number of products and resources to help steer our kids away from the McWhatever and onto food that qualifies as healthy and yummy. Kristen: All of my kids love to snack on the organic baby food from Ella’s Kitchen (at top). Just don’t tell them that there happens to be broccoli mixed in with their pears. Liz: I have become completely addicted to the organic maple-almond butter from Justin’s. I mean, uh my kids have. And those little snacks-sized squeeze...

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Editors Best of 2009: The coolest baby gifts, bibs and gear for babies and kids

It’s the first things you look at when you have a baby: The bedding. The bibs. The gear. If only those humongo stores with the fancy registry guns had some of these picks in their repertoire, more moms would be a lot happier. (Eh, good thing you have the web.) Kristen: The gorgeous handmade baby blankets from Big Fat Hen (at top) are so soft and cozy that I want to curl up right in them. If only I could steal them away from my baby. Liz: I fell in love with the Honey Dumplings buckwheat toddler pillow and matching...

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Editors Best of 2009: The coolest books, music, and DVDs for kids

If there’s one thing our kids’ rooms have in common, it’s very packed bookshelves. Here are some of our favorite books, music and DVDs to help educate, inspire, and just keep kids cool. Kristen: Thanks to The Double Daring Book for Girls, I know how to build a raft. And so does my 5-year-old. An absolute must-have addition to any kid’s library. Liz: I love the original Poetry Speaks to Children book/DVD combo and now I love Hip Hop Speaks to Children. It may give you a whole new appreciation of what can be a very moving art form. Kristen:...

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Editors Best of 2009: The coolest toys, dolls and baby toys

You don’t need us to tell you about the latest Elmo toy or Hannah Montana guitar, so we work hard to point you towards toys and other playthings from small companies or independent artists that you might not know about yet. After a year of so many amazing entries, here are a few real standouts from 2009. Kristen: The gorgeous wooden wagons (at top) from the mom and dad team behind Kaiku Design give “pimp my ride” an entirely new meaning. Liz: The new-to-the-US wooden learning bike by TykeRider is so mind-blowingly awesome, only in part because they’ve made...

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Editors Best of 2009: The coolest jewelry and handbags

Welcome to our annual year-end roundup of our favorite picks of the year! Trying to cull down our favorites is never easy, but this year, with more than a thousand posts to go through…well, let’s just say we could have picked about twenty in each category. Each day we’ll present some new favorites right through to New Year’s, starting with today–some of our favorite jewelry, keepsake jewelry, and handbags to help keep you all looking your most fabulous. What’s that saying about fake it ’til you make it? Yeah, that’s what great accessories do for us too. Liz: We’re such admirers of the...

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Never too little to say thank you

Santa got some help at our house this year thanks to a bunch of super generous friends and family. So after my kids enjoy a few days in a toy-filled trance, they’ll be responsible for sending out thank-you cards. With the awesome color yourself holiday thank you cards from Greenstar Studio the only thing I’ll be doing is addressing the envelopes. Kids of any age – yes, even my near 3 year-old – can color these 12 adorable cards and show their appreciation for their holiday gifts, whether they’re experienced artists or crayon-happy scribblers. And I have to say that the more my kids are involved in the...

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