Cool Mom Picks certainly isn’t all about shopping – it’s also about those wonderful websites and services that help make our lives easier, simpler, or just more fun. (And wow things have changed; it wasn’t too long ago that we were all nervous to enter our credit card numbers online.) With that, please enjoy some of our favorite sites and services of 2009 for the cool parents of the world.

Let's Panic About Babies! by Alice Bradley and Eden Marriott Kennedy

Liz: Huge props to Let’s Panic About Babies! which will make you toss every baby advice book you’ve ever received while clutching your belly in laughter. (And, possibly, in gas. If you’re pregnant.) The site is so great it’s being turned into a book later this year.

I also have to give a nod to the brand new Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood website from PBS Kids which is just delightful. I dare you to spend less than an hour there.

expiration date

Kristen: As someone who is constantly doing the refrigerator sniff test, I can say that the brilliant website Still Tasty has completely changed my life. My children’s tummies are forever grateful for their tips and resources on when to toss those groceries, and it’s now available as an iPhone app too.

Liz: Congrats to the folks behind Paperless Post (at top) who save busy moms like me with online invitations that feel so much like real ones, they don’t go ignored. With any luck you’ll be chasing down 90% fewer RSVP-stragglers.

Kristen: I’m eternally grateful to the delivery service Alice for completely eliminating the late night diaper and toilet paper runs that I’d sadly grown accustomed to. Never again.

Dwell Weekender travel bag - on sale

Liz: I’ve got to hand it to all the new online, members-only sales sites that now exist just for moms. Baby Steals, bTrendie, The Mini Social and Totsy are fast becoming daily visits for shoppers who want high quality stuff for our kids, but would rather do it for up to 70% off. Isn’t that all of us?

Pixtorie scrapbooking service

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badge

Kristen: Thank goodness for companies like Pixtorie, Pixorial, Shutterfly, and Animoto (just to name a few faves) that have really stepped it up in 2009. These are the guys (and gals) that help you do something pretty awesome with all those family photos and home video that would otherwise continue to clog your hard drive.

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