We discover so much incredible, inspiring talent from artists and craftspeople every day, that this just may be one of the hardest categories to cull down. Just imagine that we’re choosing a few picks of the year and that we’ve got about a 355-way tie for second, right in our archives.

Kristen: Since we first discovered Idea Paint, I’ve become a little obsessed figuring out how I can make it work in my home. I suppose since my kids already write on the walls, it would be nice to be able to easily wipe it all up with a wet cloth when they’re done.

kutelight light sculpture for kids' rooms

Liz: It’s art, it’s decor, it’s a nightlight, and it’s eco-friendly. It’s called a k?telight and the whole line of them are simply awesome.

notNeutral child's chair

Kristen: I’m digging the kids’ furniture from notNeutral, which combines style and function with eco-friendly materials, and works indoors or out.

Oeuf's Toy Store toy storage system

Liz: I’m doing everything in my power to make enough room in my girls’ small bedroom for the Oeuf Toy Store storage shelves. I love that it gives children easy, eye-level access to their toys–for both playing with them and then putting them away when they’re done.

Linda Solovic owl collage print

Kristen: 2009 has been the Year of the Owl in artwork, if not Chinese astrology, so no surprise I really like what artist Linda Solovic has done with the little guys in her limited edition collage prints.

Sub-Studio Design Wise Old Owl

Liz: Who says decorating the baby’s room with nursery rhymes can’t be totally cool? Not sub-studio, that’s for sure. (And look! More owls!)

Rosemary Wells original storybook art

Kristen: Sometimes familiar characters make for great nursery decor, like the original illustrations and signed giclee prints at Picture Book Originals from children’s favorite illustrators like Rosemary Wells.

Olli and Lime toddler bedding

Kristen: Because we love decor you get more than a year or two out of, check out the Olli & Lime toddler bedding which will still be cool even when your kids are old enough to really care what’s covering their beds.

modern bird quilt

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badge

Liz: The modern quilts from Got Me In Stitches are sublime, and will look as great over that crib rail now as they do in a few years over the first twin bed. Can’t say that about that Big Bird bedspread.