By far our most popular categories are the clothing categories. Because whatever your style, wherever you live, we all have to get our kids dressed, right? Unless you’re the lucky sewing machine owner who can make your children’s own beautiful designs, these were some of the standouts to us in 2009.

Kristen: The amazing baby clothing at Belle Heir (at top) gives me an outlet for my love for vintage clothing, particularly for special occasions, without having to spend hours scouring the racks at the local boutiques.

handmade bloomers

Liz: I remain blown away by the innovative upcycled designs from Seven Smooches. Who knew that mens’ oxfords and vintage flour sacks could come back as your very favorite baby clothes.

Mr T Shirt

Liz: I would be remiss if I didn’t also include the Mr. T onesie from Bambina Mia, one of the most popular items on our 2009 Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide. (Psst, her other designs are pretty darn fabulous too.)

Barley and Birch

Kristen: I love the cool eco-minded shirts from Barley & Birch for babies and kids just as much as I appreciate the company’s commitment to smart environmental business practices and giving back.

Velvet and Tweed Children's Clothes

Liz: Velvet and Tweed is such a welcome addition to 2009–beautifully made dress clothes for boys and girls that cost far less than you think they might.

Bamboo kid's clothes by Kicky Pants

Kristen: The super soft bamboo basics from Kicky Pants have complete redefined kids’ play clothes. And for my kids and their sensitive skin, they’re a godsend.

Custom converse sneakers

Kristen: The Design your own Converse sneakers, especially ones that support Project Red, made me chuck-le with delight. Heh. Get it?

Soft leather baby shoes with owls by Bugaloo

Liz: When Leah first discovered these leather baby booties from Boogaloo I nearly died from the cuteness. And they’re handmade!

Umi boots

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badge

But for kids old enough to actually walk on their shoes, I’m kind of in love with the durable, well-designed kids’ shoes from Umi, and especially those Serenade Boots. I’d only like them more if every girl in my daughter’s preschool class didn’t own a pair.

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