The digital clutch is the new designer purse

vivienne tam HP notebookI am a pretty practical mom who would rather carry my stuff in a
classic black handbag over my shoulder that I can use for years, but that doesn’t stop me from adoring the stylish digital
clutch netbooks that are starting to crop up in the tech world.

Designer Vivienne Tam partnered with HP to
bring a little high fashion to high tech with the

Mini Vivienne Tam edition Notebook that is so gorgeous, it was literally introduced on the runways. It enables me to stay connected on
the go, not miss a moment of drama on my social networks, catch up on guilty pleasure shows
on, or whip out a class volunteer spreadsheet before my PTA meeting is over–all while looking fabulously stylish.

The latest edition is the lightweight, 2.7-pound HP

Mini 210 with a fabulous butterfly theme and a reasonable enough 10.1 inch screen. I love that I can just drop it in my regular tote or handbag. But the geeky side of me (and I have a major geeky side!) appreciates the Intel Atom N450 processor and a battery that gives me up to 5.5 hours for mobile multi-tasking. The hard drive options go up to 320GB, which means unlike some netbooks, here I will have enough space even when I procrastinate downloading

vivienne tam netbookPlus I can rock out during my mom breaks with the integrated Beats Audio by Dr. Dre.

Prices starts at $599, but of course mobile internet access is on your own dime from your own carrier. While that may be a
higher price point then ordinary Netbooks, think of a designer digital clutch as having
lots more functionality and the same wow effect as a pair of fancy

And for those who really like to accessorize,
the matching butterfly themed HP wireless mouse is available too. beth blecherman

find the HP

Mini Vivenne Tam edition Notebook online at

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  • Reply April 19, 2010


    Agree – It is just so elegant and so stylish. Who say’s Moms are out of touch?? I beg to differ.

    Personally, I love the red Vivienne Tam laptop as well. It’s bold and bodacious. Style all the way!

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