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tiny shearsMy sigOth, the culinary school grad, has turned me onto the joys of scissors in the kitchen. While I use them mainly to cut off the stupid packaging I can’t pull open with my hands, he has always used kitchen shears for cutting herbs quickly, trimming veggies, and even cutting the kids’ food into manageable bite sizes.

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So when I saw the thoughtfully-designed Tiny Bites Food Shears, I knew just
where they were coming from. The shears are designed so you can safely
cut grapes, slices of pizza, or hot dog slices into toddler-sized bites.

The bright red or blue handles help you differentiate from the scissors in the drawer for projects involving glitter glue, and the food-grade steel is
safer than using your IKEA scissors for cutting food, which is what
parents Ed and Anila Nitekman used to do use before inventing these.

I like that the safety cover lets you tuck it into a diaper bag or tote it along to a picnic, plus there’s a
convenient little ruler along the blade helps you nail the right size nibbles.
Of course after some practice, it’s not too hard to figure out what a
half-inch of a hot dog is, but it’s some nice reassurance for new moms
just starting to let her toddler feed himself. Or for parents of siblings (ahem) who constantly fight about who got the bigger piece of watermelon. –Liz

Find kichen shears made just for children’s
food online at the Tiny Bites website, or
at Buy Buy Baby.

Congratulations to lucky Tiny Bites winners Samantha D and Tiffany E!

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  • Reply July 8, 2010


    awesome product.

  • Reply July 12, 2010

    One Hungry Mama

    i love these! even have a post that gushes about how great mine are to prove it! so glad to see these as a CMP.

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