All you need is love, and a mom who wants you to change the world

love baby teeIn a world where it’s easier to find tees for baby girls that say future
gold digger
than anything more…positive, I’ve always admired the I will make a difference tees from Booda Brand.

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The organic tees and onesies, which
we’ve featured here before
, now have a sweet new design just for
girls; the word LOVE is beautifully printed in gold foil on the front,
and I will
make a difference
is on the back.

This is a message I sure
hope all our girls grow up to believe. Besides, they’ll be making good
on that making a difference promise starts before you’ve even wriggled
the tee on over that little head for the first time–each purchase
donates a book to a child in need through Room to Read. –Liz

the I will
make a difference tees and onesies
from Booda Brand online at My
Sweet Muffin
and save 20% with discount code COOLMOM through July 16, 2010.

Also learn more about Room to Read from their

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