Living on a Shoestring? Not such a bad thing.

Shoestring MagazineMy biggest complaint about fashion magazines, besides the perfume samples, is… well, the perfume samples. But I also hate it when my eyes fall in love with cuteness before hitting the huge price tag printed below.

Shoestring Magazine solves both
problems: It’s online, and therefore not smelly, and it is devoted to,
and I quote, “resourcefulness, the look for less, and attainable,
affordable luxuries.” Sound good? Well, it is.

Shoestring has
well-written and fashion savvy articles on nearly all the topics that I
want to hear about– from lifestyle to DIY to Kids
& Pets, which, grouped together, cracks me up more
than it probably should.

The articles that caught my eye include 6 Ways to Green
Your Budget Beauty Routine
, Free Summer Concerts for All Ages, and Top
Ten Gifts For Kids That Inspire Creativity
, which includes an awesome
yarn beard. I passed on 7 Recession Friendly Rompers, which seemed to
forget that it’s my body they need to be friendly to, which isn’t likely
to happen.

can also subscribe to their weekly email, The Gumshoe Files,
which offers tips for saving money and the planet. Out of respect for their credo, it’s absolutely

Visit Shoestring Magazine for tips,
steals, and articles that are great for your wallet.


Senior Associate Editor Delilah S. Dawson puts the chic in geek. Ask her anything about Star Wars. Really.

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    Thanks for the love, ladies! We’re super flattered by your kind words and look forward to another fun BlogHer weekend with you this year. The love affair has long been mutual, and we’re not even moms (yet)! Also, we think you might like our sister company, The Swapaholics), completely devoted to hosting modern clothing swaps, beauty product swaps, and, soon, a “Mommy’s Day Out” series of kids, baby & maternity wear swaps. (First one is September 24th in Denver. 😉 It’s retail therapy meets recycling, and tons of fashionable (almost free) fun. ~ Melissa @Shoestring

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