Because no one ever compliments you on that cute Ziploc.

EcoStuffers by Sedilu GreenMy job as a parent has always been playing defense, which is why I’m the one who slathers the family in SPF 50, sorts the recycling, and saves fifty cents on black beans with a coupon.

My favorite strategy these days is reusing bags, and my favorite reusable bags as of now are these EcoStuffers from Sedilu Green on Etsy.

The reusable snack bags are made with
one layer of adorable 100% cotton and an inside layer of antimicrobial,
waterproof, phthlate-free and BPA-free FDA food-safe nylon. They close
securely with Velcro and are super easy to clean — you can even toss
them in the washer. And I can attest that they hold up to the
unavoidable rough treatment of curious and hungry toddlers.

come in three different sizes, and you get a great deal when you order a
set. Estimate that a family of four who replaces plastic food
storage with cloth saves over $250 a year. Wow.

Of course the cuteness factor is a
major plus, too. And
EcoStuffers are especially awesome for snacks in the car, because my
kids actually take care of them. I haven’t found a plastic baggie full
of moldy Goldfish in months, and that’s pretty much a miracle. ~Delilah

EcoStuffer reusable snack bags are available in the Sedilu Green shop on Etsy.


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  • Reply August 31, 2010

    Grace Hester Designs

    They have super cute options! I switched to baggies about 8 months ago and have never looked back. When I think about how many plastic snack bags I used to use and toss, my only regret is not making the change sooner!

    For the wet stuff though, I still use small-sized storage containers to reduce the mess.

  • Reply September 2, 2010


    Thanks for this article, the sentence “I’m the one who slathers the family in SPF 50, sorts the recycling, and saves fifty cents on black beans with a coupon” TOTALLY describes me (and probably millions of others!).

  • Reply September 6, 2010

    Lindsey Marston

    These are great!! You need to buy these for your kids. I found that we were going through so many small baggies when traveling in the car. Each child had one for each snack…what a waste. I bought these from a local online green store and love them. They are easy to wash, easy to use for little hand and save the our landfills from thousands of plastic baggies. They are a must have for traveling and school. Buy one and you’ll never go back!!

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