See Kai Run, be still my heart!

Heart Mary Jane shoes from See Kai RunDeep breaths. I am in a tizzy over the new Kat shoes from See Kai Run’s Smaller collection. I can see it now: My little girl’s cute, chubby legs in white tights and these classic, navy Mary Jane shoes with a twist.

I love the heart shape on the Kat Mary Janes carrying over from one shoe to the next. It
reminds me a little of a heart shaped charm I wore when I was a pre-teen
with be fri and my BFF wore the other half with st ends but I

See Kai run apple Mary JanesKat’s big sister, Gwen (right) is also hard to resist. The red apple is perfect for fall and “back to school” and the red soles are a nice surprise.

If hearts and apples aren’t your thing, check out the Mae shoes for babies with a sweet tulip and a version for older girls called Maisie. These brown leather shoes will go with everything in your daughter’s wardrobe.

Kai Run’s shoes are more than just pretty. Crafted from the softest
leather, they are just as comfortable as sneakers and will last well
past the season. And I don’t mind spending a little more on shoes when I
know they can be worn for every day and dress-up.-Elizabeth

Find the new selection of Mary Janes for girls and other cute kids shoes at See Kai Run.

Elizabeth Leach is a freelance writer and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks


  • Christina
    Reply October 5, 2010


    Oh, I love these shoes so much. .. another plus? Our girls can put their own shoes on in the morning on the right foot! It’s way better than a big L or R on the bottom of the soles!

    Very cute stuff!

  • Reply October 5, 2010


    I love love love this brand. I may be a bit worried that you let out such a fantastic secret, these shoes are already tough to get in certain sizes. Every pair I’ve purchased for my daughter have been fantastic and wear perfectly.

  • Reply October 5, 2010


    i wish they had something like that for their boys’ shoes :( waaah waahhh.

  • Reply October 5, 2010


    I bought my 2-yr-old the Gwens while in Seattle this summer (home of the company and I presume Kai himself) and we started wearing them this week with fall clothes.

    The red is red, but reads kind of raspberry when paired with fuschia, so these are truly a versatile girl’s shoe. I wasn’t sure but am just in love with them. Plus they are great play shoes, look dressy, last a long time, have a great resale value on ebay and also go with our fall colors.

    Love ’em!

  • Reply October 6, 2010


    These are absolutely my favorite brand of shoes!! my 2 year old has only worn this brand and she absolutely loves them!!

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