Anniversary cards for the 21st century

Anniversary Card by Alternative GreetingsYour spouse fell in love with you, married you, and actually consented to create tiny people with you. And when you get to the Happy Anniversary section of the greeting card display, what are your choices? Gold-trimmed champagne glasses with sappy poems in curly script. Or fart jokes.

If that’s not your style, skip the sap and crap and click over to see the new anniversary cards by CMP favorite shop, mom-run Alternative Greetings.

Our love is here to stay. Our wedding photos we should probably Other half of said cardback up. Truer words were never said in the digital age, right?

There’s another clever anniversary card
to choose from from Kiki Parry’s sometimes twisted mind, plus a ton of
clever, cheeky greetings for pretty much any occasion. All guaranteed to
be better than anything with Garfield on it. ~Delilah

The Love is Here to Stay card is so new that it isn’t up on the Alternative Greetings site yet, but you can email Kiki to snap one up. She even does custom cards!


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  • Reply October 30, 2010

    Halley's Mommy

    Ok, it’s not in my character to normally rain on someone’s parade. But I have to here. Seriously? You’re posting a pick related to marriage/anniversaries? If you want to do so in the future, perhaps consider creating or some other moniker where you can also expand your ‘picks’ empire. But in the modern century where the MAJORITY of mom’s are single or divorced or soon about to be (please look again at the divorce rate), it’s not realistic for you to think that your readership identifies with you on this topic. I’m sure most won’t even take the time to put you in your place on this one… there’s a lot to do and complaining to a blog isn’t high on most mommy lists. When you post NYC events constantly or recommend $800 strollers, I roll my eyes and move on because I love the rest of your picks. But you’re kind of crossing some lines here for me. I’m a single mom by choice and I’m not bitter or sad about it. I just wish the minority married and blissful mommies out there would start looking around at the real map of parenthood. It’s not necessarily what you see in the mirror every morning. And I think you’d amplify your power if you attempted to keep your picks personal but also still on topic.

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply October 31, 2010

    Cool Mom Picks

    Halley’s Mommy, Thanks for your passionate comment.

    If we tried to be all things to all people in every single post, I’m afraid we’d fail terribly. So what we do is look for all kinds of cool picks for all kinds of parents. Young and old, city and suburban, frugal and spendy, Hanukkah revelers and Christmas revelers. We would no sooner neglect homeschooling moms, parents who adopt, or same sex couples, simply because they are not the “majority.”

    Every mom is valid in our world!

    That said, the fact that some of our readers are indeed married and celebrate wedding anniversaries and might like this clever card created by a mom, does not diminish, in any way, all the amazing things you and our other single mom readers do every single day. -Liz

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