Putting the “need” in needlework

Cool cross-stitch from bombastitch on EtsyAny hipster with a scarf can tell you: The fiber arts are enjoying a renaissance. I can knit (poorly) and spin (horribly), and I sometimes consider trying needlepoint. But no kittens and flowers for me. No, I’d start with the wacky but lovely PDFs from bombastitch to make a charming Valentine’s or Father’s Day gift.

Okay, fine. Knowing my life right now, I’d just order a finished piece.

The wonderful bombastitch
offers a selection of hilariously sharp cultural references
through the fine and noble art of cross-stitch. From Tron and Dexter to
Donnie Darko and the Blues Brothers to a definitive answer of who shot first for you Star Wars fans, there is honestly something for everyone. I’m particularly smitten with that orange Godzilla cross-stitch, which perfectly matches the mural in my son’s room. And the frames are just plain adorable.

what’s really cool is that you can get a finished and framed piece, a
DIY kit, or just an emailed PDF. She’s open to custom items, too, in
case you really need to see a True Blood quote or the soulful eyes of
Greg House stitched in tiny X’s. ~Delilah

Get some rad cross-stitch at bombastitch on Etsy. For other hipster needlework, see our past review of youheartus.


Senior Associate Editor Delilah S. Dawson puts the chic in geek. Ask her anything about Star Wars. Really.

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