Hopscout – The coolest stuff for families at even cooler prices

HopscoutThere are no shortage of deals sites out there these days, and I’m all for it. Who wouldn’t want a few extra bucks in their wallet?

But after getting hordes of emails for 55% off dental services and a bunch of other stuff I wouldn’t consider buying in a million years, this new site is a refreshing addition to the sea of discount shopping sites and coupon services out there.

Enter Hopscout, my new obsession, and I’m guessing in about two seconds,
it’ll be yours too. This beautifully designed site makes deal shopping a
high-end experience, with cute sketches,  helpful descriptions,
personal anecdotes, and Hopscout’s own set of standards – all to help you
decide whether the product is right for your family.
Hopscout Daily deals siteI love the well-edited videos featuring Hopscout staff
telling stories about and playing with the product that’s up for grabs; and goodies including
daily freebies like adorable PDF coloring pages.

But best of all, we love how they’re very selective about which toys and toy companies they
feature. Seeing some of our own personal CMP faves as the daily deal tells
us that these folks know just what they’re doing: making cool toys more
accessible to everyone. -Kristen

Check out the daily deals on Hopscout!

[thanks carrie!]

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.


  • Reply April 29, 2011


    FYI, HopScout is the former LilLuxe.com, which appeared in December (hat tip to CMP for telling me about it). It seemed to be a great addition to the mom-and-kids deals space… until it unceremoniously disappeared one day in April with no warning, taking with it the $45 in referral credits I had earned and had been unable to spend because a) they never posted lists of upcoming sales as Zulily, The Mini Social, Gilt and Totsy do and b) the credits expired after 90 days, something they didn’t tell you initially (and which doesn’t happen on the above-listed sites). The LilLuxe customer service team agreed to extend the expiration date on my credits but then never returned my calls when the credits didn’t show up in my account (so I couldn’t use them to place an online order). I would stay away!

  • Reply May 3, 2011


    Lisa, you were lucky they agreed to extend your credits. They’ve just expired mine unceremoniously, telling me they would make a note to inform customers when their credits will be inspired in the future. Well, this never happened as they disappeared with no warning.
    Beware, shoppers, they might do it again!

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