The cuddliest interspecies squid doll yet

Clump-O-Lump mix-and-match plush toysImagination is in no short supply around these parts. One of our toys can have half a dozen alter egos and we love and encourage the unstoppable creative flow.

And so when we were introduced to the Clump-O-Lump crew of stuffed animals that can mix and match body parts with the tug of a zipper or two, we knew they were going to be a hit in the playroom. In other words, welcome to our interspecies creation lab.

The Clump-O-Lump family was conceptualized by
industrial designer Max Knecht who has a knack for looking at things
with a fresh and rather playful eye. Each stuffed animal (choose from the diverse offerings of squid, frog, bee, bird, shark or tiger) has 3 body sections, a head, midsection and a bottom, that attach with a zipper and thus are completely interchangeable. So as you collect more from the Clump-O-Lump family you can make more giggle inducing crazy animal combinations.

The result? A great out-of-the-box toy that’s fun and silly and for whatever reason seems to make a lot
of sense… in the way that sharks mixed with tigers mixed with squids,
frogs and birds do. 

Squid-shark-tigerClump-O-Lump squid
remind me of the kind of toy you would get as a kid on a exciting visit
to FAO in the big city. They are very cool and have a strong presence
in the room either inter-clumped or all on their own. I’d think a pair
or trio of these could make a really great special gift for the right
kid. –Stephanie M

Visit with the Clump-O-Lump family in their well constructed webshop where you can even visit the Land of Lump to learn more about these playful creatures.

Stephanie M.

Stephanie Mayers is entrenched in the kindie rock industry, a former gallery manager, and a self-proclaimed foodie who doesn’t get out to eat much. (Darn you, parenthood.)

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    these are discontinued now. :(

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