Bloom’s new crib bedding – A reason to let your kids have lollipops in bed

The new Lollipop crib bedding sets from Bloom are mod, cool and have a luxe 300 thread count, which is exactly what you’d expect from the company that produces such baby gems as the new eye-popping Zen Stroller and the luxury Fresco High Chair.

Bloom Lollipop crib bedding

When it comes to fusing amazing design with amazing functionality for the little ones, Bloom is in the major leagues. Their new Lollipop crib bedding set is soft, eco-conscious and way easy on the eyes.

Bloom Lollipop crib bedding sets in blue, pink and grey

collection of retro-looking bedding is made with super-soft 100%
cotton. There’s a pair of fitted sheets for $55 and I love that the package comes with two, in
case there’s an accident and you need a spare stat. There’s also a comforter and a bumper, for those of you with older kids in cribs. One teeny complaint: each piece is sold separately. I’d love a deal on a set. One other bigger complaint: Can
Bloom please hurry up and make adult sized things already?Melissa

Shop the new Lollipop bedding collection from Bloom
online at or learn more about them on the Bloom Baby website.


Melissa Schweiger is a seasoned author, journalist, blogger and proud mom of two troublemaking boys.


  • Reply August 30, 2012


    All the products, we have bought from Bloom are fantastic and really high quality!

    Thank you for presenting these new crib bedding sets! I will certainly buy pink one for my baby girl!

  • Reply August 31, 2012


    All the foodstuffs, we have bought from blossom are unbelievable and in fact high excellence!
    Thank you for presenting these new borrow bedding sets! I will definitely buy pink one for my little one young woman!

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