Handmade dolls for people who like weird handmade dolls. Which includes us.

Striped or polka-dotted, these lovable handmade dolls have us mesmerized.

handmade dolls | polkadottydolls

Each adorable polkadottydoll is entirely unique, handcrafted in cotton without a pattern in black and white according to Alberta artist Lynda Black’s imagination. They’re nicely sized, bottom-weighted to sit on a shelf, and…sweetly mesmerizing. I mean, check out those eyes.

handmade dolls | polkadottydolls
handmade dolls | polkadotty dolls
handmade dolls | polkadottydolls
The listings don’t mention it, but judging by the buttons and threads, these little dudes probably aren’t for ages 3 and under. Still, we know that black and white are colors most interesting to babies, so maybe just put one on the shelf for later? Like, maybe your shelf? Maybe mine?

These endearing dollies aren’t inexpensive, but they’re worth the cost, with all that one-of-a-kind, googly-eyed charm. –Delilah


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