How to decorate with washi tape, without the design degree

I’ve recently found myself in possession of some washi tape, thanks to a few leftover Martha Stewart craft supplies at our recent Sealed With Love Valentine’s party. Not being the crafty mama that a lot of you are (uh, decoupaging my Scotch tape dispenser is not quite high on my to-do list), I’m not exactly bursting with ideas for how to use them. And then I saw this.

Washi tape decorating ideas

I love this simple, decorative way to put pretty tapes to non-permanent use: it’s as simple as creating some basic, angular little houses and taping them up over a child’s desk, or maybe my own girls’ bunk bed. The idea comes from the Netherlands’ Showhome, where you’ll find lots more inspiration too. Crafty or not so much. –Liz

[via deco ideas, lisa rodaro on pinterest]


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