Mamas & Papas Armadillo stroller review: minor investment, major ride

I’ve been noticing a trend lately away from some of the fancier budget-breaking dollar strollers and toward excellent quality strollers that do everything you want, but still leave room in the budget for other things. (Like, say, an iPhone 5s.)

It’s not that I’m not into the fancy-schmancy strollers–because I am–it’s just that sometimes we parents want more than just a stroller. And the latest stroller from CMP fave, Mamas and Papas, is just that kind of budget-friendly baby ride.

The Armadillo stroller (and yes, the name sounds like it could be from Bugaboo) has a lovely array of bright canopy and strap color options, and is an excellent example of a stroller that will do everything most people need without breaking the bank.

It’s sleek, easy-to-push, and a breeze to fold, three very important features in any stroller. The fold, in particular, is of note as it’s very simple, very smooth, and very fast. No fiddling. Plus, it gets so compact once folded that it will fit easily in a trunk or front hall for storage. (Hey, we don’t all have the luxury of a garage to store them in.) And I love the fact that the flap on the peek-a-boo window closes with a magnet, so there’s no noisy velcro sound when you want to check on a sleeping baby.

Plus, it happens to have an extra-roomy seat, too, so kids won’t be growing out of it before you want them to.

mamas & papas armadillo folded on cool mom picks

One thing the Armadillo is not, though, is an all-terrain jogging stroller. Or an any-terrain jogging stroller, for that matter. But if you have no intention of jogging with it, the Armadillo could be perfect for everything else.

And unlike most strollers, including the super high-end ones, it even comes with a rain cover. One of my biggest pet peeves is the notion of having to order a crucial (in my opinion) rain cover separately once I’ve bought a whole stroller system.

With some strollers that’s the expectation. But not the Armadillo. And yes, Sandra Boynton reference fully intended. –Stephanie S.

Choose your favorite bright hue and then head on over to Mamas & Papas for an Armadillo stroller of your own. Thanks to Mamas & Papas for providing a stroller for CMP to test drive.

Stephanie S.

Stephanie Slate is an Ontario-based writer, crunchy mom, and celebrity stroller expert. And no, she does not say "eh."

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  • Reply February 16, 2014

    Playboy Mommy

    How I wish I did some research before I bought a stroller. I am a first time mom and the month prior before I had my baby, I simply walked into Babies R Us and purchased the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger stroller with car seat (with “let’s get this done and over with.. I can’t wait to have my baby… my back is killing me” in my mind).

    The only one thing I like the Baby Trend are its big wheels and the way it can handle and maneuver tough terrain. Period. The cons: Endless ( heavy, bulky, have to put my daughter in her car seat first before I can fold this Jurassic stroller, takes a lot of trunk space, have to lean it over a wall or something so it will stand.. blah.. blah.. blah… the list goes on ). Now that I have time to actually sit down and research, I was able to purchase baby things without regrets and feeling truly happy and satisfied. When my daughter reached 7 months, she started hating her Baby Trend carseat. I researched on convertible car seat online for a month and got the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 in Cerise color that WE both love. How I wish my car seat is as plush and comfy as that. Before she can feed herself, I would out her in Prince Lionheart bebe pod flex seat which you can fasten it in any chair. And as soon as she starts learning how to feed herself, I did a research again and ended up with the Stokke Tripp Trapp which we absolutely love. And now back to the stroller, I came across this Armadillo while I was checking out baby jogger and reading reviews online. Some mothers said how much they raved this armadillo. So when I checked it… tada! I love the color, the simplicity, the ease of the fold and how compact it is.I love everything about it…! The good news is that Babies R Us is having a two day President’s sale.. From $279.99.. it went down to $229.99. Awesome isn’t it? I am going to get this in Lemon Drop color. Beautiful color! Love your review… cool!

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