We love this fresh, modern nursery print to Neverland and back

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Yup, we believe in fairies. Because we have a hardcore Peter Pan fan in the house. I can’t tell you how many times I have needed to tell my daughter that I needed a break from pretending to be Peter (she then suggests I be Captain Hook instead). When I found this Peter Pan themed print by Australia’s Seal Design Studio while looking for art for her new big girl room, I realized how surprisingly well Neverland could fit into the decor.

I find this modern take on a retro movie poster completely charming. It captures the sweet wonder of the classic story, and its design gives off a fresh vibe that makes it a bright, warm and wonderful addition to any family-friendly room. Our crew discovered a deeper connection in the “I love you to Neverland and back” message, as the “I love you to ___ and back” is an ongoing family game for us. (Try it with your kids and get as silly as possible.)

My daughter smiled from ear to ear when I presented her with this framed bit of Neverland for her wall. I am certain she’ll fall asleep night after night and dream she’s flying. -Stephanie M

Find the Peter Pan I love you to Neverland and back print as well as other glorious designs featuring a variety of pop culture classics at Seal Design Studio’s Etsy shop.

Stephanie M.

Stephanie Mayers is entrenched in the kindie rock industry, a former gallery manager, and a self-proclaimed foodie who doesn’t get out to eat much. (Darn you, parenthood.)

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  • Reply March 30, 2014

    Geraldine G. Capasso

    I know a lot of people who would love, love, love this print. It’s beginning to rub off on me as well. Thanks

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