Books for Kids

Bloomin’ Cute

It’s not coincidental that Bloom: A Little Book About Finding Love, comes out just in time for February’s Hallmark holiday. And yet Dutch-born author/illustrator…

Pop[up] Art

Whoever (or maybe that’s just my mother-in-law) said you need batteries and talking toys to get kids interested in learning has obviously never seen How…

For Babies With a Taste For Reading

While others may look at the gnawed corners of our board books and question my kids’ fiber intake, I prefer to view it as…evidence of their affection for the printed word. But sadly, some of our books have been adored beyond repair

Say My Name, Say My Name

As a certifiable word nerd, I’m not a fan of children’s books that seem to be written by marketers and not authors. While I like a good gimmick as much as the next parent, I also want a book that’s worth reading once you get beyond the “look what a cool idea!” stage.