Ode to Joya

I’m not quite sure how having a baby translates into the desire to babify everything you own. Just because I might dress my baby in cute baby-ish patterns doesn’t mean I want them all over my own accessories.

Looking Smart

I admit to being a bit skeptical when it comes to all these baby products that promote early learning. Is it really necessary to label a baby spoon and bowl with words and pictures?

Pregnant and Polished

Like there aren’t enough things you have to give up when you’re pregnant (sushi, Pinot Noir, catcalls from construction workers) now people are getting all waffle-y on nailpolish. Excuse me, but give up my weekend pedicures? Not happening.

The Art of Ka-Ching

Back when I was in middle school, I would put scotch tape around my lunch money change and cram it in my front pocket. Today, pre-teens, tweens and teens sport more cash than some island nations do. I say that kind of cold hard cabbage deserves to be wrapped up in some cool art.

I’m in Luv With a Sunscreen

There’s nothing like a beach day with two kids: The sun. The sand. The 30-minute suncreen battle.It’s almost enough to make me forego the beach and just skip to the ice cream. But sincediscoveringKINeSYS I have a newfound love.

We’re Gonna Zoom, Zoom, Zooma Zoom

In theory, I appreciate the heroic intentions of the diaper clutch — saving moms everywhere from gigantic diaper bags. But let’s face it, they’re not made for quick access, nor do they provide you for much space for your own personal items.

Monster Repellent

I’ve tried all sorts of tricks to convince my girls that monsters do not inhabit their rooms. I even resorted to logic at one point, to no avail. Silly me for even trying such a longshot.

Pearls for the Not-So-Into-Pearls Set

I’ve never been the Grace Kelly type, although I certainly admired her style. I just couldn’t pull off a pearl choker over a cashmere twin set without looking like I was in a costume. But boy do I like pearls.

Could I See Your ID?

My parents started a lovely tradition of buying each of us an engravedgold ID bracelet when we were born.While I love the sentiment, I just can’t see myself buying my kids a filigree yellow gold bracelet considering they’ll probably never wear it.

We’ll Always Have Paris

Being a mom of two little ones means the only Paris I’m likely to see anytime soon will be on a movie screen. Oh, who am I kidding. It’ll be my television if I can pry my eyes open past 9pm.

The Smarter Animal Alphabet

I will be honest, when I got wind of another line of alphabet tees, I wasn’t expecting much. But whoa! Where are the silly illustrations? Where’s that old standard, C is for Cat?

Necklaces That Won’t Get You All Choked Up

My daughter has been struck with a full on jewelry obsession. And while I’m fine with purchasing little girl necklaces and bracelets, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of little plastic and wooden beads that scream "choking hazard."

Forget Mr. Right, I found Mr. Klean

You can’t swing a loofa without hitting a specialty beauty product shop. With so many options, I thought I’d keep mine open, play the field. No settling down with one brand for me. Then I hooked me up with my destined spa product soul mate and things all changed.

Kinda Makes Up For The Sore Nipples

‘m trying not to be offended by the fact that my 5-month-old rejects my boobs to instead watch his sister run around the playground. But while I’d love to refocus his attentions, the thought of a nursing necklace makes me cringe. I get the concept, but it’s tough to find one that I’d actually wear in public.

The Thymes They Are A-Changin’

I’ve been a fan of The Thymes line of bath and beauty products ever since the sigOth and I first spotted them in a great boutique on vacation years ago. He wanted the fig leaf-cassis candle, I wanted the lavender lotion. We compromised – by buying forty different things.