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Tokidoki and Clek collaborate for some out-of-this-world car seats

Sprinkle-donut spaceships. Cactus planets. Floating unicorns. Ninja aliens. All together. Seriously? Yep. Thanks to the brand new  Tokidoki-Clek car seats and boosters, created in partnership once again between the safe, swanky car seat company Clek and the LA artists at Tokidoki. I loved their first series of car seats, but I am over the moon for these new ones. And to think, when my kids were little and I was picking out their car seats, I got to choose between grey, blue, or pink fabrics. Tokidoki’s anime-inspired outer space fabric is a far cry from that. It’s so detailed and vibrant, I bet kids everywhere are going to beg to be buckled up. And...

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The coolest baby gifts and gear of the year: Editors’ Best of 2015

We’re so excited to wrap up our year by featuring our very top picks in all sorts of categories, starting with our very favorite cool baby gifts and gears that were new or new to us in 2015. This is a tough category to be sure, so we went through our archives, talked to our editors and writers, and put together the few from our archives that we think deserve an extra special nod this year. And perhaps a spot on your baby registry too! In no particular order…our picks for coolest baby gifts and gear of 2015.   This...

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The baby booster seat you’ll be sad to outgrow.

As you might imagine, we see a lot of baby gear ’round these parts (yes, I’m still a southern girl at heart) and that includes all kinds of booster seats. But the new Mamas & Papas Baby Bud booster is worth a look for several reasons, not just because it’s nice to look at. Of course looks are probably not the most critical feature when it comes to boosters, this one’s definitely easier on the eyes than most I’ve seen, in a lovely neutral putty color, along with some more colorful options like lime and teal. Hey, if you’re going to look at it in your dining room every day...

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OXO Tot introduces two on-the-go toddler seats with very different purposes

I heart OXO Tot. From their perfectly designed wipes dispenser to their handy freezer storage containers and snack containers, they’ve singlehandedly made diaper changes and storing baby food much breezier for this mama. So it only makes sense that they are launching two new items in those very categories to make life on-the-go with your toddler a little easier, too. First up, the new candy-colored OXO Tot Nest Booster Seats. No matter how you feel about your high chair, a booster seat is a must-have for mealtimes at restaurants or at Grandma’s. I’m just now moving into the booster seat phase myself so...

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Finally, the comfiest, most easy to clean, most stylish booster seat. (Can you tell we’re excited?)

If there is a stage called “Booster Seat Battles,” none of the parenting books have mentioned it–but that’s exactly what my family is currently dealing with. The 2-year-old has refused to sit in a booster, preferring instead to reach up over his head with his spoon and try to dribble his cereal down to his mouth. And the 5-year-old suddenly must have a booster seat to sit in–or at least be offered one–or we’re in for all kinds of dinnertime drama. So let’s just say Luv Chicken is helping us out tremendously right now. Besides being awesome to say...

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Lyft your kids up where they belong

With four kids in our home, we’ve gone through our fair share of booster seats, and I’ve never quite found one that has every feature that I’m looking for. But after discovering this new one from Cool Mom Picks favorite Scandinavian Child, I think I’ve reached booster seat nirvana.  The Svan Lyft Booster Seat took me all of a minute to set up on my kitchen chair, with easy to clip straps behind and under the seat, as well as a 3-point safety harness to keep wiggly kids (up to 5 years or 50lbs) in place. I really like how it...

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Red baby gear that will look great all year round

Other than wearing hearts on their clothing and looking at us with love in their eyes, our babies are still a little young to be celebrating Valentine’s Day with lollipops or big messy chocolate hearts. But since we love red all the time, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite red baby gear, that will look bright, fresh and modern all year long–more than I can say for those roses. We are in love with the contemporary shape of Bloom’s new Coco Rosso lounger. No noisy bells or batteries required, this simple self-rocker lets our babies gaze at the...

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Two awesome essentials that make traveling with kids so much easier

As every mom learns pretty early on, ease of travel with kids can come down to having the right gear. Whether we’re flying across the country or just taking the kiddos out to eat in our ‘hood, if we don’t have the proper seat, stroller or sippy cup, we’re in for a wholly unpleasant time. Enter Brica, a newish company that’s out to simplify the whole parenthood thing with awesome products that make getting out of the house a lot less of a hassle. (Edited to add: Brica products are now at Munchkin.) Brica relaunched their company last year...

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Swankifying the booster seat with Clek

One of the biggest complaints we hear about kids car seats and boosters is how ugly they are. Yes, I know safety is the biggest priority, but once we check that off the list, I would prefer not to have a ginormous thing squarely in my rear view that’s covered in neon zoo animals. Well yay for Clek which is upping the style quotient in the booster department with a limited edition offering that sure is swanky. The Oobr Booster, reviewed here last year, is practical as it is safe, made with an amazing range of safety features, a...

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Bubble Bum: The portable booster seat that may be my favorite new thing ever

I’m heading out on our first European family vacation this summer (I know!) and, mom that I am, was already stressing out about the car seat situation. Just in time, I discovered the portable car booster seat Bubble Bum and have been doing the happy dance ever since. Truly, I haven’t been this excited about a new kids’ product in a good long time. This portable booster seat is wildly popular in Europe, and I’m thrilled it’s finally approved for sale in the US. I got the chance to try one and seriously? Awesome. The reason it’s portable is...

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