As you might imagine, we see a lot of baby gear ’round these parts (yes, I’m still a southern girl at heart) and that includes all kinds of booster seats. But the new Mamas & Papas Baby Bud booster is worth a look for several reasons, not just because it’s nice to look at.

Of course looks are probably not the most critical feature when it comes to boosters, this one’s definitely easier on the eyes than most I’ve seen, in a lovely neutral putty color, along with some more colorful options like lime and teal. Hey, if you’re going to look at it in your dining room every day for a couple of years, it might as well not be covered in neon bubbles or rainbow starfish, right?

A key reason this is worth an add to the baby registry, even at the premium price, is that it’s designed to grow with your child. I happen to prefer baby products that last more than a few months. Don’t we all?

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The booster’s cushy insert allows babies as young as six months to fit in comfortably, but can be removed for toddlers with their adorably chubby legs. My baby daughter, for example, is too young for it at the moment, but my 21-month-old son is nice and comfy in the Baby Bud even with the insert. I actually got him to sit still for almost ten minutes in it the other day and that is a miracle in itself.

Another thing I really like about this booster is that it’s easy to clean — just wipe down, and no stains (so far).  It’s also great that the adjustable tray is easy enough to attach and lock with one hand–a feature I seriously appreciate after having baby number two.

Mamas & Papas Baby Bud booster: Beautifully designed

For a little extra dough, you can also pimp this booster out and turn it into an activity chair with their activity tray attachment that pops right into the booster tray. It probably wouldn’t be worth it for toddlers who hate sitting in one place for any longer than they have to, but for babies under one, it’s a potential godsend.

The Mamas & Papas Baby Bud booster seat is available for $74.99 at our affiliate Amazon, and add the activity tray for $24.99. Get more info from the Mamas & Papas website.