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Underoos! They’re baa-aaack.

I guess I’ve got super heroes on the brain, because first it was the Wonder Woman Havaianas that I found this past week, and now it’s….wait for it…Underoos. Underoos! The same ones you may remember from your childhood.  I had no idea they even still existed, did you? Kids can choose from a limited number of retro-fabulous brief/tank sets featuring the likes of Batman and Robin, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Super Girl, all to help them fly into bed each night, and perhaps use their super human strength to stay in bed a little longer on weekend mornings. The girls’ sets...

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Cute, cozy, durable pajamas for kids: Our tried and true favorites. Let the snuggle party begin.

According to that rascal of a groundhog last week, it looks like winter will be sticking around the Northeast for six more weeks. I’m pulling out my Silver Linings Playbook, and choosing to see it as an extension on snuggle parties with my youngster. And everyone knows that warm, comfy PJs are an absolute must for proper snuggling.  So here are 6 cute and cozy — and above all, durable — pajamas for kids I love, from baby up to school age. We love that they are built to last (no holes in the knees after two wearings, yay!) and because...

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A new line of cute, trendy kids’ clothes from Korea by way of London

Like maybe some of you, my three-year-old has two small but separate wardrobes: The inexpensive, easily replaceable outfits he wears to nursery school; and the few higher quality, trendy kids’ clothes I save for the days he’s not painting without a smock. To add to the latter list: the darling styles from the new online kids’ clothing shop Ebabee for kids up to age 6. Ebabee offers a beautifully curated collection of cute, comfy, and slightly quirky clothing from Korea for trendsetting girls and boys–though sadly for us, the little boys’ options are more limited. There are plenty for girls, though, and if I had a daughter, I’d...

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Banish bedtime blues with katebaby’s colorful organic kids’ pajamas

We are loving all the bright colors and graphic patterns we’re seeing in kids fashion this winter, and now the organic kids pajamas from katebaby are making bedtime fun. They’re so stylish that we’re tempted to let our kids wear them outside the house as real clothes. They are that cute.   These organic cotton kids pajamas run from newborn (with the footies) to 4/5 years old (in the tee-and-leggings version). My babies were always pretty high on that growth chart from the doctor–like 80th percentile big–so even though pajamas are supposed to be worn pretty snugly, I would have needed to order a size...

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AXL Brand organic infant clothing: For those who like the baby to shine more than the clothes.

We’re always so excited to find a new designer making stylish, modern clothes for babies and kids, because as we’ve preached for years now, there is more to baby style than appliquéd sequin puppy dogs playing baseball. (Sorry, puppies.) That’s why I’m excited to share my latest discovery, AXL Brand, a new line of simple, but beautifully constructed organic infant clothing out of San Francisco. These pieces are impeccably made in the USA with soft, 100% cotton fabrics, and the styles are modern and clean, with not a single crazy appliqué in sight. In other words, the clothe don’t toddle into the room before the...

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A baby shower gift with bite

Babies are warm and cuddly and thinking about them helps us conjure up images of teddy bears and pillowy clouds. Well, unless you actually have one and you know that in reality, babies have more bite than we give them credit for. So for the next baby shower, opt for something with some edge, like these shark baby pajamas from Black Wagon. After all, aren’t babies really at the top of the food chain in a way? Plus, like sharks, babies have the ability to fascinate and frighten us all in the same breath. –Eva Hatley Shark Footed Coveralls are...

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Fly! Fly to sleep, baby!

I admit, I can’t resist those special little baby layette items that force you to take, oh, 647 photos or so of your baby in rapid succession on your smartphone. How totally adorable is this pilot baby sleep set? (No need to answer. I know!) The 100% soft cotton sleep suit is cute on its own with the little stars and stripes on the sleeves, but then they add faux black lace-up “boots” and whoa. So fun. The finishing touch is the little baby cap with the 40s-era goggle print that would look great with the jammies or not....

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May the Force be with you. And may it put you to sleep at bedtime without a fight.

What happens when you combine some of our favorite, super soft kid pajamas and our favorite geeky movie franchise? Let’s just say the Force is strong with these jimjams. Clearly I’m excited to learn that one of our favorite play clothes brands, Hanna Andersson, now has new line of Star Wars sleepwear for kids for kids that are just as awesome as you would expect.That is, if you know about their super soft, 100% organic cotton without all those itchy stitches and appliques.  These Star Wars pajamas fit the bill in both Long John and Short John versions, with durable, silky cotton Ribbknit...

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Organic kids pajamas that might bring more pleasant dreams

Why my kids have an obsession with sleepwear and pajamas I’m not entirely sure, but yep, obsessed pretty much sums it up. Over the years, I’ve learned to invest a little more in their pjs because I find the cheap stuff stretches and loses elasticity and pills and generally doesn’t hold up for long at all. Especially considering how often my kids want to wear them. I’m so happy to find the brand new line of kids pajamas–er, loungewear–from Skylar Luna. Made by super eco-conscious California designer Wen C. Reese, you’ll find both summer-ready short sets and long pajama...

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Kids pajamas from Tea Collection lead to very sweet dreams

My kids have a thing for pajamas the way most kids have a thing for race cars or princess crowns. Each night is an exercise in patience as I wait for them to pick the very perfect pair, then argue about whose is the snowflakes and whether the striped ones can be worn yet another night in a row. Fun for the whole family! As pajama connoisseurs, I can tell you that an all-time favorite pair hailed from one of Tea Collection’s winter offerings, so I’m thrilled to see them come out with so many more styles this spring....

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