The Hottest New Tech Gifts of 2017 for Everyone On Your List

Okay, gadget fans. This one is for you! We’ve collaborated with the Cool Mom Tech team to put together our picks for the coolest, most amazing, most coveted tech gifts of 2017 for kids and adults.

What  can we say, cool is our specialty.


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All picks have been editorially determined by our staff. 
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GoPro Hero Black 4K Action Cam 

Arguably the hottest thing in cameras in 2017, you can now shoot super high quality 4K video which is then automatically sent to your phone where an app can turn it into a read-for-viewing, edited QuikStory video. Whoa. That should make those underwater shots or black diamond trail POVs way way more fun.

$499.99, Amazon or Best Buy


Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones (series II)

Bose still pretty much owns the noise-cancelling headphones category and this new entry for 2017 solidifies that role. Features include adjustable noise cancellation levels, built-in Google Assistant, app controls, and volume-optimized EQ for great-sounding tunes. Up to 20 hours of wireless play time (40 hours of listening in wired mode) — which is plenty of time to get you through a transcontinental flight with a lot more zen.

$349, Amazon


Cozmo Collector’s Edition Toy Robot

For kids about 8 and up (including those of us kids at heart), this little robot is a winner. He has actual personality, expression “emotions” in response to the environment, and actually gets to know you. You’ll find tons of games with the companion iOS or Android app and best of all — you can play right out of the box with no assembly. Woot!

$149.99, Toys R Us with free shipping on $29+


Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Odyssey

Since its launch this spring, the Nintendo Switch has been at the top of so many holiday tech gift wishlists. Pair it with the uber popular, top-rated Super Mario Odyssey game, and say hi to New Donk City for us.

Switch $299 on sale, Amazon | Game $59, Amazon (trade-in savings available)


Voice-Activated Roku Streaming Stick

Not every hot tech gift costs a fortune. We’re longtime Roku fans, and this new 2017 model adds built-in WiFi and a voice remote to control TV power and volume, to help cut down on remote control clutter. Which is a real thing.

$49, Amazon


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

You think hot tech gifts are all about gaming and entertainment? So many women we know are begging for this one. Dries hair faster, prevents damage, makes hair smooth and shiny…and come on! It’s from Dyson! Comes in silver, too.

$399, Sephora


Star Wars Jedi Challenges AR Game

We got to give this game a test spin and…just, whoa. Instant WANT. Strap on the AR headset and turn on the tracking beacon. Then get ready to have some fierce lightsaber battles with Kylo Ren (and his granddad when you’re ready), test out strategic combat skills, even play that Holochess game from A New Hope. It’s a must-have for all Jedis-in-training.

$199, Lenovo


ANKI Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition

After two years of playing with the ANKI Overdrive, which we called “Hot Wheels meets Slot Cars meets the world’s best racing app” they are still playing with it. And that’s saying something. This year, they’ve added Dom’s Ice Charger and Hobbs’ MXT to the roster of AI supercars let you do battle with — or against — the Toretto crew from the F&F franchise. And if you already own an ANKI track, put them together for more fun.

$169.99, Anki


Propel Star Wars Battle Drones

The drone masters at Propel joined forces (ha) with Lucasfilms to create this wildly realistic battle drones that can have full on laser battles with up to a dozen others. You also get access to an amazing VR training game app that you can operate with the controller to get you used to flying the real thing — or for those times that you don’t want to smash yours into the Christmas tree.

$147.99, Target


Polaroid POP Instant Print Digital Camera

Everything old is new again and instant film cams are showing no sign of letting go. In a word of digital, there’s something so satisfying and magical about real live film. And the pocket-sized Polaroid POP is fun whether you’re giving it to an artful, experimental photographer or a dedicated selfie-taker. Plus, so many fun colors!

$199.99, Amazon


Cue by Wonder Workshop

Another amazing tech toy that endlessly entertains and educates our kids of all ages, the brand new Cue robot is perfect for tweens and teens. It brings a whole lot of attitude and fun to make Block and Javascript programming even more fun. Cue will even text with you!

$199, Amazon


Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

The hot new Fitbit launch of 2017 is loaded with features for both serious athletes and walk-around-the-block folks. It offers step-by-step coaching for personalized workouts, tracks pace and distance using built-in GPS, allows you to store more than 300 songs and more, all with a ton of battery life. Plus, so many apps! Perfect for syncing with a new smartphone (hint hint).

$299, Amazon


Sonic Mania

The classic Sonic gameplay has been newly updated and is getting raves! If your family video game night needs a freshening up, it’s available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One or PC. So fun.

$19.99, SEGA