Our favorite empowered girl gifts for fierce young females of all ages



The girls in our lives are woke, they’re working hard, and they’re going to change the world, mark our words.

For those girls who’d love some acknowledgement of their inner warrior this holiday, we’re featuring some of the most amazing empowered girl gifts that let them know we believe in them.

We also love that nearly all these gifts support small businesses, indie makers, women authors, and women-run companies. Work!



We’re thrilled to bring you this selection of awesome empowered girls’ gifts on behalf of our sponsor IAmElemental, the collection of mom-created, Toy of The Year nominated, fierce, fab, female action heroes who use their powers for good.

We’ve been thrilled to support IAmElemental since their massively successful crowdfunding campaign launch because they stand for everything that is good about play, including self-empowerment, seeing yourself as your own hero, and the power of imagination.


From Courage, Bravery and Honesty (love those wings!) in the Courage series, to Creativity, Ingenuity, Logic, and Mastery in the new Wisdom Series, girls will be able to relate to every single one of these healthy, strong action figures.

Our own kids (boys and girls) are huge fans, and we know yours will be too.

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This post is sponsored by I Am Elemental, one of our favorite gifts for imaginative girls. All picks in this guide have been editorially determined by our staff. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate. 

All discount codes good through 12/31/17


$68, Seoul Little


I Am Elemental Wisdom Warriors Lunchbox Set

Each strong, healthy, female action figure possesses a different superpower representing the ones girls already have inside them, which is probably why our kids love them so much.

Grab this whole set of 7 new Wisdom Warriors in a special carrying case, including shields, accessories, a Wisdom Workbook, carry bag, and rubber bracelet for wearing your Elemental Shields.

I mean, hello…is there anything cooler than the phrase, Here, put on your Elemental Shields.

$69.99, I Am Elemental
Save 15% on all orders + get free shipping through 12/31 with code COOLMOM


I Can and I Will Print by Ilse Valfre

What an exquisite interpretation of one of the most iconic empowered women images ever.

$48, Valfre


The Future is Female Shirt or Onesie

 Rachel Berks recreated the original t-shirt design made for Labyris Books, the first women’s bookstore in New York City, and is now donating 25% of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood to help protect women’s access to affordable healthcare.

$25, Other Wild


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Gift Set

If she has the first volume, she needs the second. If she has neither she needs both. If she has both…well, you’ve got one awesome girl there. Take good care of her.

$55, Rebel Girls Co


Feminist Squad Goals iPhone Case

With the likes of Angela Davis, Frida Kahlo, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg protecting her phone, it should be impervious to anything that comes its way.

$35.99, The Film Artist for Society 6


“Kick It” Starter Sports Bra Bundle

17 year old Megan Grassell founded this empowering bra company for other young girls to keep them active and feeling great about themselves.  Buy one bra, or an entire bundle — with a note about kicking butt, of course. We also love the brand’s Create Like a Girl tee, which sends an awesome message.

$99, Yellowberry


Washington Post Gift Subscription

If she’s old enough to want to change the world, she’s old enough to know what’s going on in it. This is one amazing way to get her started, while providing an essential lesson about supporting a free press.

$29/13 weeks, Washington Post digital


Do Something Brave Today Notebook

Comes with 50 sheets of encouragement.

$7.99, Bravely
Use code HOLIDAY15 to save 15% storewide


Little Activist Gift Set

We adore this set so much, it was a Spawned podcast cool picks of the week! The best part is the set to help her write a letter to the White House, whether she cares about the environment, animals, schools, health or something else entirely.

$60, Love Bubby
Use code COOLMOM15 for 15% off


Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison

Girls are never too young to start finding their heroes. In fact, got a pregnant friend? She can read this to her womb.

$9.34, Amazon


Tuskegee Heirs: Flames of Destiny Comic Poster

She’ll adore this new futuristic sci-fi adventure comic book series about a squadron of young aviators who become earth’s last defense. If she does, she’ll definitely want a poster to go along with the two comic volumes.

$15, Marcus The Visual


Freedom Fighters Tee

We should never forget the names of those who paved the way.

$30.39, Skreened


Women Who Dared Building Blocks

Women as building blocks, standing on the shoulders of the women who came before them — a perfect metaphor.

$64, Rose & Rex


I’m a Girl, What’s Your Superpower? Pencil Case

Enclose a gift card informing her that she’s going to need somewhere to keep the pens and pencils that will help her change the world.

$6, Always Fits


Malala Yousafazi DIY Cross Stitch Pattern

For crafty girls, or for crafty gift-givers who want to make something special, love this pattern from one of our favorite feminist Etsy shops.

$3, Badass Cross Stitch


IAmElemental Tableware Set

Can’t think of a better way to get her to finish her brussel sprouts than to serve them on this plate.

$19.99 on sale, IAmElemental
Save 15% with code COOLMOM through 12/31/17 + get free shipping on all orders


Scholarship in her Name to Send a Girl to Secondary School

If the gift of an education is in reach for you, considering helping another girl get there too. That’s a gift that keeps giving forever.

$143, Care.org


The Little Feminist Book Subscription Box

Pre-order now; the first box arrives in February with your choice of books or books and an activity set.

$18/month for books, $33/month for box, The Little Feminist


Start a UN Foundation Girl Up Club for Her in your Community

If you’re really committed to her leadership skills, volunteer to start a Girl Up club just for her, her pals, and other girls in your community with big goals. Pretty extraordinary gift.



IAmElemental Surprise Holiday Gift Pack with 3 Figures

Surprise her with a superpower starter kit including two mystery action figures from the seven that make up the Courage series, plus one from the new Wisdom series. The best part: Every single one is the coolest one.

$20, IAmElemental

Save 15% with code COOLMOM through 12/31/17 plus free shipping on all orders.


Donation to a 529 fund for college

There’s no more important gift for any child than their education, and we always encourage generous relatives to make a contribution of any size to our kids’ college funds. It adds up — and it will be put to good use before you know it!

Donate what you can!


I Marched Benefit Silkscreen Print

Millions marched — maybe a special girl in your life was among them? This print would look spectacular on any wall.
And we love that 33% of all profits supports the essential work of the ACLU.

$88, Love and Victory
25% off orders $75+ with code HOLIDAY17

Thank you to our sponsor IAmElemental for creating the most wonderful action figures to inspire imagination and empowerment in girls — and boys! Don’t forget to save 15% on your order with code COOLMOM through 12/31/17.