Father’s Day of course means daddy-kid photo opps, and for some of us, that means daddy and me tees. So I’ve looked around for some creative, cool options and honestly, I think some of these daddy and me tees are the best anywhere.

In other words, no matching smocked onesies, no “I just want to drink beer and avoid my kids” nonsense, no sexist “I’m a dad and I’m an idiot who doesn’t understand childcare” t-shirts. Just the cool stuff for dads and their cool sons and daughters.

Here’s to you, pops.

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Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me taco tees | Shirt Candy

Umm, yes. To both of these. And to tacos. Pair these daddy and me taco tees at Shirt Candy with lunch at his fave taco truck, for the best Father’s Day gift a carnitas-loving papa could ask for.

Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me battery tees | Many Tees Shop

Can all the parents out there agree that these daddy and me battery power tees at Many Tees Shop are just too real? I think a dad would love these even more if you include some baby-free time for a nap.


Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me Star Wars tees | Engram Clothing

If the dad in your life is a Star Wars fanatic, rejoice! Father’s Day gifting just got a lot easier. Grab these daddy and me Star Wars tees at Engram Clothing — plus tickets to one more screening of Solo — and you’re all set.

Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me big dipper little dipper tees | Blackbird Supply Co.

I love this set of daddy and me big dipper little dipper tees at Blackbird Supply Co, whether he’s got a thing for astronomy, clever design, or he’s just the dad of a baby (or uh, child) who’s not yet sleeping through the night, giving him lots of time for stargazing in the wee hours.


Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me "chip off the old block" tees | The Oysters Pearl

I think this woodsy graphic print looks so modern and cool, especially for a dad who can appreciate the whole reclaimed wood aesthetic. Or, maybe just the sweetly classic phrase, both preserved on this daddy and me “chip off the old block” tee set at The Oysters Pearl.


Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me Game of Thrones shirt set | Gift Ideas from Finder Etsy shop

I love a good personalized Father’s Day gift, especially if they’re as cool as these daddy and me Game of Thrones tees at the Gift Ideas Finder (uh, good SEO-optimized name there) Etsy shop. Of course your toddler is not quite ready to watch GOT just yet, but it’s never too early to let her know that she’s firmly on Team Stark whether she likes it or not.

Daddy and me tees: Remix daddy and me tees | KaAns Designs

How amazing are these remix daddy and me tees from Etsy shop KaAns Designs? Perfection!


The most awesome daddy and me tees for up to three kids | KaAns Designs | Cool Mom Picks

Bonus: The shop carries several other cool riffs on the original (or remixes of the remix?) so that more siblings can be included too. Love that #3 is the mic drop.


Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me board game tees | BKY kid

One thing I didn’t realize before becoming a parent: you’re basically signing up to be a human train track. So go ahead and make it official with these hilarious daddy and me board game tees at BKY kid.


Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me donuts and coffee tees | Pink Robot Shirts

Dad and baby go together like, yep, you guessed it. Loving these daddy and me donuts and coffee tees at Pink Robot Shirts which capture the food zeitgeist of 2018 perfectly.

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Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me cat pilot tees | Shop Rush Crush

If the dad you’re buying for has a quirky sense of style that includes anthropomorphic house pets flying planes, then yes, the daddy and me cat pilot tee set at Shop Rush Crush is the perfect thing.

Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me dog and puppy tees | Twisted Twee

To me, these Daddy and me dog and puppy tees at Twisted Twee really nail the playful dad-kid energy. You’ll have to check shipping times since this set is made in the UK (from one of our fave shops, by the way!), but it might be worth the wait, especially if you’re shopping for a dog-loving pop.

Daddy and me tees: Daddy and me boss tees | Boots Tees

Okay, so kids really don’t more license to rule the house, ha. But I think any Dad will get a big laugh out of these daddy and me boss tees at Boots Tees, no matter how big or little The Real Boss happens to be. Sometimes parenthood means just…going with it.