Forget the cloth diapers meticulously arranged in the shape of a three-tier cake and get your sister or girlfriend something she’ll really want to use. Like the book, Why Babies Do That: Baffling Baby Behavior Explained by Jennifer Margulis.
Jennifer answers all sorts of common questions regarding baffling baby behavior, such as why babies get acne or why some do that Popeye thing with one eye. You’ll also find explanations for some of the questions you don’t think to ask about, like how come babies try to put their fingers in electric sockets, or why they want to play with their own poop. (You mean, it’s not just because they want to torture us?)
Margulis seemingly has the scoop on everything, and dispenses it with a writing style as that’s as soothing and warm as mom’s chicken soup. It’s also a quick read which is a good thing given the limited free time of new moms.
The only problem with the book? The number of adorable baby photos between the covers just may make regret that no more babies after this one! decision. –Lisa B.


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