With all the great frank and funny mom books out there, it’s about time someone came up with an equally entertaining daddy alternative. So we were tickled when we found out that Robert Wilder, well-known writer, columnist, and dad of two, had done just that.

In his more hilarious than irreverent Daddy Needs a Drink, Wilder writes laugh-out-loud essays on everything from baby naming to diaper changing, and all the good stuff in between. Considering he got a mild chuckle from me as he fended off his wife’s choice of "Hemingway" as a perfectly acceptable baby name and a decent laugh when the inaugural run of his baby monitor afforded him pornographic audio of his horny neighbors, you can imagine where I was by the end of the book.

If you’re looking for a great new perspective on parenthood, or just want a more welcome alternative to the typical silk tie- golf club – money clip Father’s Day trio, grab Daddy Needs a Drink right now. Because dads need to know they’re not the only ones screwing up just as bad as we are. Or in some cases, maybe a little more.