I am burdened with quite a few “people who have everything” on my holiday list each year. Fortunately, as I discovered a few years ago, no one can have enough Richart chocolate.

These are no mall store truffles, I swear. Parisian chocolatier Richart’s offerings are absolutely exquisite, made from rare Venezuelan cocoa and filled with everything from crowd-pleasing salted caramels to more unusual offerings like thyme praline, orange zest coulis, or jasmine tea ganache.


Richart Chocolates
They have some amazing holiday assortments, of course. But I think the greatest gifts come from their Little Gourmet collection, in which each chocolate is topped with charming designs from from the under-12 winners of Richart’s annual worldwide children’s design contest.

But do yourself a favor–keep them away from your own under twelves. Trust me.

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