I’m always looking for books for my daughter featuring strong female protagonists. They don’t have to be fist-in-the-air feminist characters, but they don’t have to be princesses dreaming of marrying princes, either.

So I’m really enjoying having discovered The Fairy Chronicles series by JH Sweet. Despite the name, these aren’t really fairy chronicles. They’re more like adventures of regular girls who discover they have magical fairy powers, to be used on adventures like saving the source of all hope on earth–all while encountering trolls, witches, magic gargoyles and unicorns along the way. What 9 year old wouldn’t keep reading that with a flashlight well past bedtime?

Start with Book 1, Marigold and the Feather of Hope, or I suggest taking the plunge and snagging the whole box set. How bad can they be with the slogan, inside you is the power to do anything? Fist in the air. –Liz 

Edited 7/5: The box set is not available at this time, but each title can be purchased individually at Amazon.  

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