So you’ve done the ID bracelet. You’ve done the locket. You’ve done every cool keepsake-y baby gift known to man and yet you’re still not satisfied. You want the newest, freshest, coolest, latest.

Voila: The brand new Baby Coins from perennial CMP fave, Julian & Co.

Artist Tania Condon has created this absolutely innovative pendant inscribed with an image of your own kid from a photo. (The clearer your picture, the greater the oooooh/ahhhhhh factor.) They’re shiny and bright, but still have a slightly rough-hewn look that makes them really special. 

I like the tiny sterling Piccolo coin (shown) which is the best value at $69, including a name and birth date on the back if you’d like. Tania can also do a bracelet, cuff links, or hook Grandma up with the bling-a-licious 22k gold coin if she happens to have been a very, very good grandma this year.

If you’ve got two kids, I’m thinking two coins on a single chain. Just make sure to rotate them – the last thing you need is kids fighting over whose engraved likeness you love best.  –Liz 

Congratulations to winner Lindy O!