I’ve reached that point in my pregnancy where I feel like that old cliché, the beached whale. Worse – I feel like I’m insulting whales with the analogy. It’s time to treat myself to something fabulous to help me feel pretty through the home stretch.

The very new label, Bao Bei Maternity, is full of fabulous – from the colors to the styles to the soft fabrics and impeccable construction. Most importantly, their clothes fit beautifully, regardless of how far along you may be.

There’s a great selection of it at mom-run Mom and Baby Sport (sounds comfy, doesn’t it?) and my personal favorite has to be the Mother Hoody – a lightweight pullover in pale pink, with slightly flared sleeves and gathered side seams to to cover the constant expansion.

These beauties are priced higher than your average mall-store maternitywear but in this case, you really do get what you pay for. And when you reach that "everything’s fat even my toenails" stage like I’m at, you’re willing to plunk down a bit more in order to feel human again. –Julie

Use code coolmama  for free shipping at Mom and Baby Sport through 12/31


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