I decided early on in my parenting career to eschew hooded towels with larger-than-life animal heads on top, simply because all the ones I saw scared me. If some humongo, limp-necked terry cloth duck head with threads hanging off the misshapen mouth was freaking me out, I can’t imagine what it would have done to my infant daughter.

But then I saw the hooded towels from CMP fave Toronto-based 3 Sprouts. (You might remember their awesome sleep sacs we all fell in love with this past Fall.) And now I’m changing my tune. The terry is beyond soft, and the little critters on top are appropriately cute while still retaining some sense of style.

You’ll find the elephants (shown) at Belly Maternity, and the hilarious chickens–which just so happen to be organic–at Three Lovelies. It’s a chic and still fun way to bundle the baby post-bath.

Helloooooo awesome baby gift. Hold the trauma. –Liz

Congrats to Donna M, who won her choice of hooded towel!

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