i-91e8900e78982ca1e2e919d06f856139-tomkit1-thumb-200x133.jpgOf course the one month I think ahead and stash tampons and other “lady items” in my purse is the month I get pregnant. But most of the time, I’m a fly by the seat of my panty liner type woman, making me the perfect candidate for the TomKIT.

No, it’s not a slightly freakish tabloid couple, but Time Of Month KIT, a handy, super eco-friendly pack to prevent any type of girlie emergency. With the tomKIT, you can flush away your landfill guilt along with these special feminine wipes, and yes, pads. There’s also organic hand sanitizer and a yummy lip balm plus a disposable and biodegradable pair of underpants which does the job, even if it’s not quite right for date night.

The whole thing comes in a jute (read: crunchy) cosmetic bag, and is also a great gift for the eco-tween in the house. Because saving the earth is great, but saving your daughter from the little silver box in the women’s restroom is a close second. -Kristen

Congratulations to tomKIT winners Lisa F and Susan M!