We’re a book family for sure. If I’m ever short on a gift idea, a book is always a home run provided it’s suited to the recipient (i.e. I’m not getting my sigOth the new Sex and the City book).

With Father’s Day fast approaching (T minus 6 and counting mamas, get on it!) one of the options on my radar is Michael Heatley’s The Dads’ Book for the Dad Who’s Best at Everything.

It’s basically a fun little bathroom book filled with anecdotes, tips and tricks, humorous quotations, and engaging top-ten-style lists (Twenty Ways to Get Some Peace and Quiet) that your husband will get a kick out of–or even your own dad if less for the diaper changing advice than the familiarity of it all.

Is it a liiiiiittle reminiscent of the Dangerous Book for Boys? Sure. Does it matter? Not really. And when you consider the title – well what dad wouldn’t be proud to be known as the dad who’s best at everything. –Liz

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