With extra protective parents and a ton of great outdoor resources right near our home, I saw my fair share of day camps growing up. So along with my swimsuit and an extra change of clothes, my mom always had to pack me a lunch. Of course, she never had anything as cool as the Built NY Munchlers.

These insulated lead-free bags were designed by children’s book illustrator Stephen Savage and are sized to fit a decent sized lunch without taking up a ton of room in your kid’s backpack. If you’re not swayed by the cute animal designs, then we’re betting the fact that they open up into a placemat, (great for messier eaters, but even better for cleaning and storage) will make you do a double take.

For $16.95 you can’t beat that you’re getting a bag that will take a kid right through the next school year. Just make sure you attach it to her with duct tape. -Kristen