The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide was created around one very simple premise: Baby shopping makes ordinarily sane women absolutely out-of-their-heads crazy bonkers. I myself can recall spending at least two hours trying to decide on the right changing pad cover. To say nothing of the perfect bottle drying rack.

The perfect bottle drying rack. Like I said. Bonkers.

This very comprehensive resource comes courtesy of savvy sisters Heather McClean and Hollie Schultz, who edit the Baby Gizmo product review site that CMP has already raved about. Let’s just say they know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff.

The book doesn’t actually make product recos, but tell you how to find what’s best for you and your growing family in categories from shoes to swings to strollers, with common sense tips, like seven reasons not to bathe
the baby in the kitchen or secret money-saving rules of baby shopping.

It’s not only an invaluable resource, it’s a refreshingly fun read considering pregnant women can use all the laughs they can get.  –Liz


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