My daughter is already a bit obsessed with computer games and she’s only four. I’m afraid to think about what will happen when she hits the tween years and can do more than just move the mouse around.

Thanks to Generation Cures, I’m armed and ready with a site that not only provides families with free online puzzle games and animated stories that actually teach tweens about helping others. So not only are the games hip and fun but the messages they instill are invaluable.

Although the site was created with the hopes to raise funds to advance the work of the good doctors and scientists at Children’s Hospital Boston, there’s never ever a charge for the fantastic content, giving you yet another reason to skip those subscription gaming sites. At least with Generation Cures, you know your donated money is going to a great cause and your kids will be getting more out of the games than a couple of bleary eyes. Oh, and “hand-eye coordination.” Right. -Kristen