Every fall, when the new school year rolls around and I stare down at that bane of my existence, the empty lunchbox, I tell myself that this year will be different. But every year by about December, my daughter is getting virtually the same lunch every single day, and all of the joy is gone. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs.

With ilunchbox.com, there might be hope. This website features are tons of recipes and ideas and though the ingredients are all nutritious, these really do seem like items that kids will eat. Polynesian Chicken Skewers, Mu Shu Chicken Salad, and Jicama Apple Slaw sound especially promising – kids love jicama, it’s true!

I also like the supporting content on the site, like the printout that charts which fruits and vegetables are in season, or the information about overhauling school lunches programs at schools (one of my hot buttons!). The blog doesn’t have much interaction yet, but it should, so head over there and start commenting. This is a great resource as is, but will be even better as a collaborative effort. –Danielle

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